EV battery backup for your electric car and your home

The first question people ask about powering their home with solar energy, is what happens when the sun isn’t shining? Actually, it’s a non-question, because your home will still always be connected to the commercial grid. So, you’ll never be without power; or so we’d...

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The world of light and energy in which we live today

The world we take for granted today is a world of light and energy. Picture, for example, the night side of the earth as seen from space. Today’s amazing hi-resolution images taken from above the earth’s atmosphere, reveal a magnificent vista. They show a spectacular...

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The visual impact of Solar Panels on neighborhood roofs

In case you’ve noticed that there are more solar panels in buildings around you lately, it’s no coincidence. In the US last year, solar power accounted for 43% of new electricity generation. A big part of that is because homeowners are rapidly installing more solar...

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The benefits of solar in summer to lower your utility bills

The benefits of having manageable utility bills If you experienced high electricity bills last summer, you’re certainly not alone. Many families saw increases of 15% or more, and this year that figure is set to spike even higher as our energy needs keep growing. Since...

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Renewable solar energy is available for your Maryland home

The push for renewable sources of energy has never been more pronounced. You’ve got wind power, solar energy, geothermal, biomass, and others. However, Solar power has a unique position among these renewable sources of energy. For this reason, the solar power industry...

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