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Renewable Energy Corporation is one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest residential solar energy companies. Since 2009, our experienced solar panel installers have built hundreds of commercial and residential solar energy systems in Maryland. We’re a big reason Maryland’s solar power use is on the rise.

Our company is a leader in solar and “green” efficiency products and our installation team for solar water systems, PV systems and solar accessories is growing. We’re here to meet the growing demand for reliable solar energy throughout the Baltimore corridor.

We Are Proud To Offer The Highest Quality Products, Made In America

Our responsibility in renewable, efficient-energy exceeds installing solar products. We ensure that all manufacturing of our products are done domestically and production is sustainable. Solar products should be made using the highest environmental and labor standards, as close to the market as possible. In turn, we help create high-paying manufacturing jobs and improve national economic health while advancing energy independence.

Making Maryland Greener

Renewable Energy Corporation is listed in the Maryland Green Registry. The solar systems we’ve installed are enough to offset more than 93,500 pounds of coal from being burned and 165,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.
When it comes to energy efficiency, we practice what we preach. Energy-efficient fluorescent lighting in our warehouse and offices reduces our electrical consumption by 2,500 kilowatt-hours per month. We also ask manufacturers to ship multiple units simultaneously, reducing fuel consumption and air emissions.

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Where We WorkRenewable Energy Corporation, located in Maryland, is among the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest solar energy companies, and we’re expanding to meet the growing demand for reliable solar energy.


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Solar Careers at Renewable Energy Corporation The #1 fastest growing industry in America is solar energy. Thousands of Americans have launched their solar careers with jobs in manufacturing, technical support, installation, marketing and sales.

Charities We Support

Founded in 1967, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) is the largest independent conservation organization dedicated solely to saving the Bay.

Our Business Partners

Renewable Energy Corporation works with leaders in solar technology and the energy sector to bring you the most state-of-the-art energy products on the market. The following are some of the energy companies we work with:

Q.ANTUM solar panels combine the best features of all known cell technologies to achieve high performance levels at low cost of electricity (LCOE). This advanced technology ensures Q CELLS solar modules achieve maximum luminous efficiency under real, day to day conditions, and even under cloudy skies.
Unirac collaborates with installers to deliver PV module mounting solutions that combine flexibility with quick, low-cost installation. Unirac is North America’s largest provider of PV racking for residential installations.
What we stand for: Healthy competition — robust competition — without government interference favoring one country over another, which optimizes innovation and efficiency and lowers prices long term.

Domestic manufacturing: Domestic production creates high-paying manufacturing jobs and builds national economic health while advancing energy independence.

Sustainable production: Solar products should be made using the highest environmental and labor standards, as close to market as possible.

Kingspan Group manufactures a range of sustainable products for the construction industry, including insulated panels, steel frame off-site solutions and hot water systems.
The Power-Save 1200 reduces the amount of power drawn from the utility by storing electricity otherwise lost from the motors in your home. The unit supplies this stored electricity back to your appliances, decreasing demand from the utility. Decreasing demand means less usage and lower electric bills!
EnviroBuilt Systems is the premier provider of insulated precast concrete for residential and commercial building systems. The company sells, manufactures and installs energy-efficient building envelopes in the U.S., systems that are green and sustainable as well as sensible and durable.
In 1932, Henry Broan developed and manufactured a kitchen fan called the Motordor Fan that provided quiet and efficient kitchen ventilation. His creation launched what is today known as Broan-NuTone LLC. Four years later, in 1936, J. Ralph Corbett developed a melodious door chime to replace the obnoxious door buzzer of the time. His development launched what is today known as NuTone, Inc.
Founded in 1976, Heliodyne™ Inc. is proud to be among the oldest solar hot water companies in the U.S. Our continued focus on solar hot water has made us a true specialist in the solar industry, and a leading supplier of quality solar heating systems throughout the country.

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