Installation Types


Rooftops and Beyond: The Ever-Expanding Options for
Solar Panel Installation

When it comes to solar panel installations, rooftops have long been the most popular option, and in many people’s minds, the only one. However, there are many more choices for installations that go far beyond the rooftop, and today’s advanced technology allows us to install solar panels virtually anywhere, including places that have never known the benefits of electricity. From remote villages to urban dwellings, the benefits of solar are expanding throughout the world, and Renewable Energy Corporation can provide these innovative products and solutions to you.

Whether on-grid or off-grid, the installation options for solar panels are virtually limitless. That said, there are a few options which are more prevalent than others:
  • Rooftop

    The “granddaddy” of them all, rooftop installations are still the reigning champion of panel installs, as they’re perfect for residential homes as well as commercial applications and take up no extra square footage on a property.

  • Ground-Mounted

    When roofs don’t have adequate space or simply can’t handle the solar structure, ground-mounted panels are the way to go. In this configuration, panels are mounted onto racks that are secured into the ground.

  • Utility-Scale

    Available in many sizes, utility-scale installations are designed with maximum output in mind, and they produce electricity energy to power multiple buildings.

These methods above are just a few of the installation options available today, and as technology progresses, the list of choices is sure to grow. As they do, Renewable Energy Corporation looks forward to continuing to lead the pack in innovative solar solutions for both homes and businesses in the Mid-Atlantic.