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At Renewable Energy Corporation, we deliver professional solar panel installation. Our skilled team will provide you with durable and high-efficient systems that will reduce your home’s energy costs. Call us now at (410) 560-9032 for more information on our services. You can also use our contact form to request a free estimate

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Carli B

“Thank you Andrew Clarke and the whole team at REC for making it so painless to go solar. From the initial meeting in my living room, which required essential knowledge and incredible patience, to the last time Andrew was on the phone talking me through turning on my system for the first time, the people at REC are Pro-fession-AL! I’d recommend them 100% any time! Do it, you won’t be sorry you went with REC!”

Bill W.

“So, you think you want to go solar? Here’s why you should first look into “Renewable Energy Corporation” (REC) based in Timonium, MD. When I first contacted them I knew nothing about solar systems. REC sent a representative to my home, and after a quick review of our premises were able to present us with several roof array options. We had a choice between a basic 12 panel (3 kw array), or the one we chose, an 18 panel (5 kw array) which was the maximum panels this roof would accommodate after applying county rules & regulations. REC also prepared the required net-meter interconnection application to our electric company. The prepping didn’t stop there, REC also wired our electric panel and handled all the county inspections allowing the SolarEdge inverter connection. Keep in mind, every county & electric company has different rules & regulations that must be followed, REC knows what they are. Every tax break and rebate we were entitled to was made aware to us along with the guidance of how and where to apply for them. Our experience with REC was excellent and we extend our sincere thanks to Andrew, William and Sherri for all their help.”


“We received a huge electric bill. Decided to look into solar systems to lower our bill. I Googled solar system installers and found about 5. Two were like dealing with used car salesman, very pushy and really not quite professional. The last appointment we had was with Rob from Renewable Energy Corporation. He was very nice and not pushy at all. He proposed a smaller system than the others had. Fewer higher quality panels less cost for the same production. As with any project there are hiccups. The team at Renewable have been very responsive to any and all questions/concerns we have had. After signing the contract and prior to installation I had a few concerns about the system, cold feet. I asked to correspond via Email rather than just phone calls. I was Emailed by Sherrie, the Operations Manager, she was prompt with replies and informative. SHe was also very calming. The folks that came to our home were prompt and courteous. The work was completed on time and looks seamless. We are very pleased with the overall appearance of our new solar system. The local inspection was scheduled and past with no issues. Renewable sent an Electrician out for the inspection. Andrew is out final contact person to get the system going and finalize all the paperwork. He is very pleasant to deal with and quickly resolved a few issues we had. Overall every person we have dealt with at Renewable Energy Corporation has been some of the nicest folks you want to meet. We are very pleased with both the produce and service they provide. Oh one other small point. We live a good distance from their offices they have been on time for everything they did at our home.”

Solar August

“Great company, Team were terrific removing and reinstalling panels after getting new roof done. Team was courteous, respectful and very friendly. After reinstalling they came back to check and make sure everything was ok. I would highly recommend them!”


“Renewable was very informative as to all the details involved in the Solar Panel installation. They were also very helpful in guiding me through all the steps that I had to follow to get approval from the utility company and the permits needed. They also guided me through the process I needed to follow for obtaining tax rebates from the state of Maryland (which was more complicated than federal rebates). I couldn’t be happier with their service.”


“We recently got our 6Kw solar system installed by Renewable Energy Corporation after moving to Maryland. We had solar system in our home in California which it was totally worth it, great investment and saved us a lot. Renewable Energy Corporation offered and gave us a high quality product at a great price. The entire process was smooth and friendly. The installation was done in one day and they helped us with all the paperwork for the state and federal incentives. I definitely recommend Renewable Energy Corporation over any other company.”

Mr Daniel G

“We just got our 6 kW system installed in June. The staff at Renewable Energy Corporation were very helpful and professional. They made the process easy and helped us with all the paperwork for the HOA, county permits, different rebates, net meter installation and SREC account. They installed the system in just one day and the technician made sure that I was 100 % satisfied with the installation. The entire system is well engineered and the panels are some of the most efficient in the industry and have a great warranty, as well as their labor. If you want to go solar I definitely recommend Renewable Energy Corporation.”

Happy Solar Panel Owner

“Renewable Energy Corporation was recommended to us by a friend. We chose to buy our solar panels. Our first installation was 12 panels (3kW) – 2014. Our second installation was 8 panels (2KW) – 2016. All of our interactions with employees of Renewable Energy were professional (salesman, installers, office staff). The panels were installed in a timely fashion and met the requirements of our home owners association guidelines. We chose the panels because of their efficiency, power output, and each panel had mini-inverters (vs. a single inverter).”

Carl Harvin

“I would like to take the time to express my appreciation for the remarkable work I received from your company regarding the solar powered water system you company installed in my home in the last few months. I am enjoying the new equipment and its installation that I know is providing me with lower use of my utilities, which will lower the bills for my house. I am completely satisfied with the professional services I have received thus fa,r as well as the opportunity of receiving an incentive for being involved in projects that will improve conditions for the future as we find other alternatives to use that will save energy, cost, and waste.”

Aaron Foster

Chief Marine Science Technician, United States Coast Guard

“My family recently had an Energy Saver Package installed in our home which included a solar attic fan, a Power-Save 1200 unit and a solar water system. Before the installation even took place, we were impressed with the quality of merchandise we were receiving as well as your representative’s knowledge of solar energy. Once the attic fan was installed, we felt an immediate difference in the temperature of our upstairs floor. Prior to that, we had to keep our air conditioner on a very low temperature to keep the upstairs cool at night. We actually had to raise the temperature that night because the upstairs had cooled down so much!

“We had a few glitches with our solar water heater, but Renewable Energy was great about it. The installer came over to our house several times, including weekends, to troubleshoot the issues. It turned out that our brand new hot water heater had a broken heating element — an issue that was out of their control and something that our technician had never seen before. He immediately ran to Home Depot, purchased a new heating element and returned to install it. He also placed an order to upgrade our control system to a newer model. Once that showed up, he came out and installed it and we have been enjoying solar-heated water ever since.

“I’ve been interested in Green Technology, not only because it can save us money, but also because it’s good for the environment. I am currently in the United States Coast Guard and was deployed to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill response back in May. I saw firsthand what our dependency on oil has driven us to. We now have to take unsafe, drastic measures to find this finite resource. When accidents like this happen, it is catastrophic to the environment. It makes me feel good that I purchased technology that harnesses the natural power of the sun and reduces my usage of fossil fuels. This will not only lower my energy bill, but it will reduce my carbon footprint and make for a cleaner environment for my kids. I am glad that we could purchase this technology through a local, reputable company. Renewable Energy provides excellent service and stands by their products. We’re extremely happy with our purchase and we can now say we live in a Green House!”

Charlie Wittig

“I am writing to thank Renewable Energy Corporation for a job well done in handling my solar panel installation project. I am thoroughly satisfied with my new solar system. Even though the process was, at times, complicated, Renewable Energy did a great job of handholding. I was guided smoothly through the process of transitioning to a renewable energy source. All of the phases of the project were well explained and proceeded smoothly. The installers were top quality, efficient and quick. Most of all, I wish to thank Erin Kelly at Renewable Energy for tirelessly answering my numerous questions when I called. She thoroughly addressed all of my concerns and sometimes patiently answered the same questions that were asked on previous calls. I can’t tell you how much peace of mind I now have with my solar independence!”

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