The Benefit of Solar Battery Backups for your Maryland home

The benefits of solar power for your Maryland home are well known. One of the areas in which solar power keeps making considerable progress is in the field of battery technology. There have been huge improvements and developments in the past few years. It’s still not...

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Innovations in solar that could change the future for you

Innovations in solar energy applications Is there a greater energy source we can think of than our own sun? It offers an abundant amount of energy, and it's always available and easily accessible. The only question confronting us is how we can tap into its bountiful...

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New innovations in solar energy technology

While solar power has seen a massive uptick in terms of adoption and usage in recent years, there are always ways upon which solar-related technologies can be improved. Researchers are still hard at work to address shortcomings in various aspects, as well as to ensure...

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How the Covid-19 Pandemic Affects the Solar Power Industry

With the onset of the pandemic, most countries have had—or continue to be under—varying degrees of 'lockdowns', 'self-isolations' or ‘community quarantines’. People have had to stay home and try to live their lives as well as possible, under unprecedented conditions...

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