The paths forward for the adoption of solar energy

We speak constantly about how the paths for the adoption of solar power adoption need to increase and expand. Fortunately, keeping this message in the public eye is a surefire way to ensure that renewable energy sources will become more popular. This, in addition,...

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Streamline your solar system purchase with these useful tips

Picking from the sheer number of solar power options on the market can be tough. So, how can one streamline this process? Before you get into the different specifications you need to consider what your home’s solar requirements really are. Because this exercise is not...

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Household solar installations keep going strong

According to the EIA, some 5.3 gigawatts of household solar capacity is forecast to be installed in the US this year. In fact this figure is enough to match the total of rooftop solar capacity back in 2015.That forecast also reflects the biggest annual figure for new...

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Guarantees you’ll receive with a new solar panel system

By now you might have already heard about the extensive guarantees that come with household solar power systems. Generally, these warranties cover both the material and performance aspects, and some can run for upward of 15 years.Conversely, many other appliances and...

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Creative Use of Solar Panel Applications

As the world continues its advance toward a sustainable future, more ways of applying renewable energy are popping up. Solar power is no exception. Even if you think solar panels are rigid and clunky, there are ways to get creative when deploying them. You know what...

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Accelerating global and local solar energy growth

According to scientists and climate experts, there's not much time to get our act together to address our climate issues. That’s why the solar energy industry is accelerating to increase installations as well as the rate of adoption. Why is this so important? Even...

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The contribution of companies to the rise of solar energy

Above all, when we talk about rooftop solar, it usually pertains to homes and personal use. However, this isn’t really the case, because the onus to act isn’t only on private citizens. In fact, the contribution of Companies is also a big part of the transition to...

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The energy crisis and the importance of solar power

We live in a world beset by a global energy crisis. Moreover, with fossil fuel supplies subject to continuous producer manipulation, prices keep rising. In addition, burning these fuels is causing havoc with the global climate.For this reason, we urgently need to find...

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