The energy crisis and the importance of solar power

We live in a world beset by a global energy crisis. Moreover, with fossil fuel supplies subject to continuous producer manipulation, prices keep rising. In addition, burning these fuels is causing havoc with the global climate.For this reason, we urgently need to find...

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Storing energy for your home with solar power batteries

Storing solar power with batteries offers big savings on electric bills. In fact, some people are able to save over 70%, others 50%. A good system will usually generate surplus energy, bringing great value. For example, solar batteries can retain surplus power that...

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The Solar payback period and its importance for home solar

One of the most important considerations for homeowners looking to invest in solar energy is the so-called “solar payback period”. This is the amount of time it takes to recoup the initial investment. After all, one of the most valuable advantages of solar, is that it...

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Extreme heat and the way it affects solar panel systems

Many locations around the world are currently experiencing extreme heat waves. As a result, the heat indices and temperature readings are hitting record highs and affecting various aspects of day-to-day life. Apart from the toll heat can take on the human body, there...

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Guarantees assure you of a trouble-free home solar system

There are many benefits when you invest in a solar PV system for your home. Probably, the most compelling of these are the great guarantees you’ll receive when purchasing a new system. Firstly, these ensure you’ll have peace of mind. Secondly, they warrant that the...

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Specific Solar-powered innovations perfect for home use

Solar power is found all over the world, powering everything from small lighting equipment to entire communities and cities. In particular, there are some instances where solar powers a number of specific household tasks or functions. Let’s then look at some of these...

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Smaller homeowners also gain huge benefits from Solar energy

Energy costs can be an issue for homes of all sizes. If you own a smaller home, have you already seen that your utility bills are skyrocketing? In that case, perhaps it’s time to find another solution. A great alternative in this situation is solar power.Let’s analyze...

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