Save on summer utility bills with solar panels on your roof

In the heat of summer, we all have our ways to remain cool and comfortable at home. Many of these, however, involve the use of a considerable amount of electric power. That’s why utility bills usually spike around this time of the year. But there is an excellent way...

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Tesla Electric Car Charging and Renewable Solar Power

When Elon Musk bought SolarCity a few years ago, the message was clear. The man known for SpaceX and Tesla electric cars was entering the rooftop solar panel market. Shortly thereafter, he combined SolarCity with Tesla in a move that thrust Musk further into the...

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How Weather Conditions Affect Solar Power Generation

The world needs to live more sustainably, and one way to achieve this is through the use of solar energy. While the sun blazes constantly millions of miles away, conditions down on the earth, though, vary widely. Designers and engineers have therefore worked at...

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