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Renewable Energy Corporation, located in Maryland, is among the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest solar energy companies, and we’re expanding to meet the growing demand for reliable solar energy. Since 2009, our experienced in-house, certified installers have built hundreds of commercial and residential solar energy systems — bringing 500 – 600 kilowatts of solar energy online each year throughout Maryland. For expert solar installation in Maryland, look no further than Renewable Energy Corporation!

We are proud to serve the following areas:

  • Northern Virginia
  • Southern Virginia
  • Maryland
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Annapolis, Maryland
  • Columbia, Maryland
  • Frederick, Maryland
  • Delaware
  • Southern Pennsylvania

What We Do

Solar panel installation

Solar panels can reduce your monthly utility bills and even add property value. They are an affordable and green solution that also reduce carbon footprint.

Solar attic fans

These ensure that there is sufficient airflow in your attic, reducing structural damage due to moisture issues.

Solar battery backup installation

With an independent solar system battery backup, your home can still have electricity even if there is a power failure in your area.

Solar water heating

This uses panels or collectors that consist of a series of fluid-filled tubes underneath the glass. The sun heats up the fluid inside the tubes, and when the fluid reaches the right temperature, it will circulate throughout the system. A heat exchanger will transfer heat from the tubes to water inside your storage tank.

Solar panel inverters

The Enphase Microinverter replaces large, central inverters with small microelectronics that are attached to each solar panel. These allow each panel to work independently, improving energy production.

Solar panel monitoring

The Enlighten monitoring software allows you to continuously monitor both the health and performance of each solar module and microinverter.

Power-Save 1200

The Power-Save System stores electricity that is lost by your household electrical appliances. You can draw on this stored power whenever you need it, leading to lower utility bills.

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