Solar Panel Battery Backup


Solar Battery Backup Installation Services

Many people assume that if you have solar panels, you’ll have power when the grid goes down — but this is not usually the case. To protect utility line workers and your electronics, solar power systems are typically designed to automatically shut down in the event of a power outage.

Solar battery backup is an ideal solution if you are concerned about electrical grid failure. With an independent solar system battery backup, you can continue to enjoy electricity, even when everything around you goes dark.

We Install Solar Batteries

Do you already have solar energy? In most cases, we can add battery backup to your existing system to create a hybrid solar system. Usually, this requires extra components, including a specialized inverter, in addition to the solar battery bank. At present, batteries are most easily added to a solar energy system that utilizes a string (centralized) inverter. If your system uses microinverters, contact us to discuss options.

If you do not yet have solar power for your home or business, congratulations! Solar panels with battery backup are much more cost effective when the batteries are designed into the system from the start.

The cost of adding batteries to your solar electric system varies depending on your power needs in the event of a power outage. Most systems are designed to back up just your critical loads, such as your fridge, heating system, water pumps, lighting and security system.

Solar Batteries for the Mid-Atlantic

Our service area includes Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Solar power battery backup in these areas has become much more popular in recent years. Extreme weather events are happening more frequently on the Eastern seaboard as our global climate shifts. Solar panels with battery backup offer the peace of mind of knowing that even if the power goes out for days, your most critical needs for power will still be met.

Benefits of a Solar Hybrid System

  • Quiet operation: Unlike a backup generator, this type of solar energy storage is noiseless. Solar batteries won’t disturb your neighbors or violate your HOA agreement.
  • Instant backup: The battery power switches on automatically when the grid goes down, and starts smoothly without the 10 – 15 second delay that is common when a generator starts. This makes it ideal for people who need an uninterrupted power source, such as those with medical needs or who require continuous Internet connection. You can also rely on it to kick on even if you are out of town during an outage.
  • Compact: Solar batteries do take up some space, and they require storage out of the weather. However it is possible to create a protected space for them outside where necessary. They typically take less room than a propane tank and generator, and require less clearance around them.
  • Peace of mind: Remember Hurricane Sandy? Or the great ice storm of December 2013? Those storms deprived millions of households and businesses of electricity. Many did not get power back for days. Adding a solar energy battery to your system ensures that you’ll never be left in the dark.