Solar EV Charger


Do you have an Electrical Vehicle…or are you perhaps thinking about getting one someday? Wouldn’t it be nice to use the power of the sun to charge your EV car or truck from the convenience and safety of your own home?

Powering your EV at home with your roof top solar array will not only save you hundreds and possibly thousands of $ annually from the high cost of gasoline but will also eliminate your need to ever visit a gas station again!

Not to mention you will be doing your part to help reduce vehicle emissions and create a safer and more healthy future for the environment and our planet.

Renewable Energy offers a variation of the most advanced technology Level 2 Electric Vehicle chargers. They are up to nine times faster than conventional chargers, so you spend less time waiting at home or in line at an outside public charging station.

With intelligent Wi-Fi control, your will be able to monitor your charging status via a smartphone app, Amazon, Alexa, or Google Home.

Best of all there are incentives available to assist with the cost of both product and installation.
Renewable Energy is only able to offer EV charging options in accompaniment with their solar or battery back-up packages due to the high demand of time and service offered.

Step into the future with Renewable Energy and let your solar array take care of your current and future cost of transportation.