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Solar Attic Fans in Maryland

Without sufficient airflow, your attic will trap excessive amounts of heat in the summer and collect condensation in the winter. This causes your air-conditioning unit to have to work overtime in the summer, and can create dangerous ice dams in the winter. In addition, trapped moisture can cause wood to rot and allow mold to grow, threatening the safety and health of your family.


Good attic design allows air to naturally flow through the soffits and vent out the top to prevent these conditions. However, many attics in the Mid-Atlantic don’t conform to this ideal. This can lead to significantly higher utility bills as well as structural damage to your roof.

Solar-powered attic fans are designed to correct this situation.

We Install Solar Attic Fans in Maryland

A solar attic fan, or solar Power Attic Ventilator (PAV), is a self-contained ventilating unit that simply and reliably moves fresh air in and hot or moist air up and out of your attic space, using free energy from the sun.

While not every attic fan installation calls for solar, most energy-efficiency experts agree that solar attic fans are quieter, more efficient, and more effective at protecting your roof and home.

There are many makes and models of solar attic ventilators on the market. Renewable Energy Corporation is proud to offer top-quality solar fans made in the USA, for optimal performance and durability. Our solar fan services include rooftop solar attic fan installation, which includes expert flashing to ensure the integrity of your roof structure. Solar attic fans are virtually maintenance-free once installed.

Solar Attic Fan Installation for the Mid-Atlantic Region

We offer solar attic fan installation services in Northern Virginia, Southern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Solar attic fans are in high demand in our area. While many of our historic older homes are charming to look at and live in, it’s very common for them to lack adequate attic ventilation. Many newer Mid-Atlantic homes can also benefit from installing a solar fan.

Solar attic ventilators are:

  • Whisper quiet. Solar fans operate silently, with no startup noise or harmonics.
  • Extremely safe. Many Mid-Atlantic homes heat with gas. A solar attic fan’s gentle ventilating action stays in the attic. It won’t pull combustion gases from your furnace or appliances up through your home.
  • Cost effective. Conventional attic fans can cost more to run than the energy they save. Solar fans run on free sunlight for a payback that counts.
  • Reliable. You’ll always have a ventilated attic, even in a power outage.

Could Your Attic Benefit From Extra Ventilation?

If you have noticed any of the following symptoms in your home or attic, you could likely benefit from a solar ventilator:

  • Hot or stuffy attic
  • Air conditioner running overtime
  • Excessively warm upper floor
  • Ice dams
  • Mold and/or moisture issues in the attic

To learn more about how a solar attic fan can benefit your household, call (410) 560-9032 or fill out this simple online form for a free solar fan estimate.