It’s almost time for winter again, and households will be hard at work preparing for the colder months of the year. If you don’t have a solar power system installed in your home yet, you might want to take this chance to have it set up before winter hits.

This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits that solar offers even in winter. Check out some of these nifty advantages below, to see just how important having access to solar power is during the cold season.

winter solar panels

Winter means higher electricity consumption

The cold weather brings welcome relief from the heat and humidity of summer. Consequently, it is a season that many people find quite enjoyable. However, during the cold months, energy consumption is definitely going to be higher. This in turn means higher overall electric bill during these months.

Winter means more time indoors

People also tend to spend more time at home during the winter season. Apart from having days off because of the holidays, many people stay home because it’s comfortable and relaxing. This means higher average power consumption because of increased usage of lights, electronics, and household appliances.

So how does solar energy help?

This is where solar power comes in. The backup power your solar PV system brings helps you offset the higher costs of electricity during these cold months. With a good solar system, you will get a generous battery backup capacity. You can use it to save excess power your system generates for your home’s heating fixtures. These are some of the most power-hungry sources in your home during winter. These fixtures include your HVAC system as well as electric space heaters.

Lights and decorations

If you’re the type to deck out your home’s exterior with a wide range of Christmas decors and lights, then having a solar backup will also help offset the additional upkeep for those flashy bulbs.

Lighting equipment has come a long way, and there have been some really power-efficient solutions available in recent years. Still, decorating your home with the winter festive spirit comes with a slight bump on your power bill. With solar power backup, those costs can be offset. So you can enjoy a holiday ambiance without thinking too much about additional utility costs.

Setting up for winter

Sure, it can be easy to see power generation dipping because of shorter days, and thus less exposure to the sun’s rays. However, the drop-off can be mitigated by prepping your system to better deal with the cold.

Your installer can ensure that your panels have the proper tilt to accommodate the lower sun during winter months. Have this built in when you arrange for installation. You can also get adjustable mounting options or even systems that come with automatic tracking. Some people even install their own DIY tracking systems. With such systems you ensure that you get optimal sunlight for your panels even during less-than-ideal conditions.

A good system has winter protection built in

A good installation company will arrange to keep your gear working well during the winter months. The system will protect your panels against the cold and the dampness during winter. It will also help protect against potential shorts and damage, guaranteeing system functionality and promoting component longevity.

Get a free quote and see how it can benefit you

While winter can be a bit of a challenge, for people who have solar panel systems there are great advantages. An optimally set-up system will help give you the power boost you need without any problems.
Contact Renewable Energy Corporation for a no-obligation free quote. We’ll make sure your panels have the correct tilt and alignment. Our installation will ensure an economic system with enough protection against the cold. We will also advise you about adequate battery storage to maximize your solar power even during the coldest winter.


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