If anything, the current state of affairs has taught us is that preparedness can keep us and our families much safer. Will you have power when others don’t?

The disastrous and unexpected Covid-19 virus outbreak has caused undreamed of chaos and disruption worldwide. Travel has been brought to a standstill with borders closed and countries in a state of complete lockdown.

With no clear picture of when the pandemic will end, we need to get our priorities right and prepare for whatever the future may bring.

Make those preparations a reality

In the same way that we are taking measures to safeguard our health, we need to have power and keep our homes safe and functioning. Advance planning is clearly the key to survival, but people tend to procrastinate and leave things to chance.

Governments worldwide are adopting emergency measures to stem the fallout and support businesses and the economy. Honda has announced that it is shutting its US and UK plants, and the fallout is likely to continue with businesses collapsing, impacting us all.

Homeowners need to have a crisis plan in place to mitigate unforeseen events that could impact on their daily routine. Schools and educational institutions are closed with children at home. With the elderly and vulnerable required to stay indoors, and more and more people self-isolating, it is vital that we keep our homes functioning and our families safe.

Don’t say it can’t happen

While people tend to believe it can’t happen, the prospect of utility companies also being brought to their knees by the financial crisis is a real possibility. If that happens, we will be without power in our homes and cities could be plunged into darkness.

Fortunately, there is a great solution to this problem. When everything else comes to a standstill, our sun will still be shining. Those golden rays can provide all the energy we need. By installing a custom-built solar system on your home, you will have power when the lights go out for others.

The move to have power is big, but straightforward

Once you have the right advice, guidance and professional know how, the move to solar power is not difficult.

Plan the move by getting a free estimate

Make sure to only use a reputable experienced solar company. Some energy providers will offer you amazingly cheap plans and solutions, with the finest guarantees. You need to be sure they will still be there, though, when you may need them years down the line! People can easily fall for smooth sales talk. only to find that the company has gone bust.

Due diligence is always essential

While a google ad may appeal to you, you must do the research before committing and buying. Renewable solar energy is definitely the way to go, but you must be prepared to pay for value. Make sure that the system you invest in is the best that money can buy. To get full value you need to have all the information at your fingertips.

The best suppliers will visit your home free of charge and fully assess your needs before you buy. This will give you an opportunity to ask all the questions and get your home ready before making a move.

Make sure the solar contractor checks out your property and listens to your individual needs. Then get them to provide a quote with individualized and customized options for you personally. There is no such thing as a one system fits everyone installation. Each home is different and requires personalized advice and options.

A well-designed solar system will pay enormous dividends over the years, but the initial cost is fairly substantial. The best installation companies will always be looking after your interests when it comes to financing your system. If they don’t offer up front to assist you with this, look elsewhere.

How to get your home ready to handle the equipment

You will be advised regarding the viability of adding a solar power system to your home, and what kind and size you’ll need to meet your energy needs. You will also be informed about the ideal placement of the system, along with any structural needs you may have to address before any such installation can be made. These can include repairs to your home or upgrades to the facilities to ensure proper support and integration with your home’s electrical system.

Remember that the photovoltaic panels and system equipment are designed to last for many years It’s of the utmost importance  to be sure that your roof and the supporting structures can last as well.

Here is where you start!

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We ll answer all your questions. Let us tell you about the amazing savings all of our customers have been enjoying since installing our systems. They’re the finest and most reliable that money can buy. The time to prepare for the future is now!