The renewables revolution led by solar has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years. Not just from a macro perspective but also in terms of the technology. The individual pieces have improved to deliver a variety of great options for consumers in all sectors.

Yet it seems that many people still remain on the fence. They still need convincing that solar will usher in the renewables revolution. Solar, however, remains one of the pillars of our quest for a sustainable future. Here are the reasons why.

the solar revolution

The main thing is still sustainability

Sustainability is a main concern and one that renewables are ultimately addressing. As such, it is a key driver towards solar power adoption. Practically nothing compares to solar as far as sustainability goes, simply because the power source is our very own sun. While traditional fossil fuels still remain popular, their supplies are dwindling. For that reason alone, alternative power supplies are vital. Because it is completely renewable many people are now shifting their power strategies towards solar energy solutions.

Continued research into materials and production processes will help solar achieve more in this aspect. There’s no doubt that there is still room for improvement. Some of the older panels are now reaching the end of their respective lifespans, and we’re seeing a solar e-waste problem.

The renewables revolution and changing habits

Wind and solar are the two leaders in the renewables revolution right now. But in terms of practical usage, solar is definitely the easier one to adopt. Not everyone can have a wind farm in their backyard, or even a single wind turbine on the lawn. But most people have room on their rooftops for a solar power system.

As a result, solar is seen as the effective way to promote the change to renewables. The result is that people are accepting that renewable are viable and can be done. It only takes a simple shift in mindset to climb on the renewables revolution bandwagon. It may only be a few thousand households each year, but the numbers keep climbing. More and more we’re all seeing that solar is effective and is completely scalable.

The long term prospects

Each household and building that installs solar ensures the long-term success of renewable energy. Accessibility is at an all-time high and costs are at all-time lows. There’s never been a better time for changing perceptions and habits as far as solar power goes.

There will always be demand for cleaner and greener energy, with solar power and wind energy our best bets. They have made our visions of a sustainable and renewable future a reality. The rate of installations may occasionally slow down with global problems, but they always bounce back. Players in the solar energy industry never stop improving and innovating even amid the crisis we are facing.

The renewables revolution – join the trend of the future

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