If there’s anything recent events have taught us, it’s that the home environment is as vital as ever. This is especially true with so many people working, and generally spending longer periods at home. A good living space has become extremely important for both our physical and mental wellbeing. This is where the importance of residential solar power really comes into its own.

The importance of residential solar energy

One outcome of the move to working from home, is the substantial increase in the amount of power we are consuming. This is where economical residential solar energy is set to play an increasing role. The increase in demand for solar power is going to be a main mover of growth in the industry for years to come.

United States of Solar

There are over 120 million households in the United States. Imagine if even a third of that number were to install solar panels. That would have a significant impact not only on power generation but also see a reduction in utility costs. In addition, the salutary effect on the environment would be immeasurable.

California currently has the highest concentration of solar-powered homes. That stands to reason, given the state’s weather and thus availability of sunlight. The rest of the country is gradually catching up, but we don’t see anyone eclipsing CA anytime soon.

With the importance of residential solar power obvious, states are stepping up their renewable energy targets. There is constant focus on getting these economical energy options into consumers’ hands. Solar energy in particular is the primary route with wind energy still some way behind.

The importance of residential solar in global household

Households in the rest of the world are also increasingly benefitting from solar power. While the global trend keeps increasing, the penetration in most other international markets needs to accelerate a bit more. The main issue is that there are still many countries that do not incentivize household solar energy ownership.

In addition, installation costs—while already down considerably from several years ago—are still quite substantial. Many markets just don’t grasp the importance of residential solar and are not ready for solar yet. It’s going to take more than a few tax incentives to sway homeowners in markets that are struggling financially.

But who knows? Solar power keeps getting more affordable as time passes. With more efficient manufacturing methods and cheaper materials that don’t sacrifice quality, solar might become more mass-market yet.

How about other sectors?

Other sectors, such as commercial and industrial, also stand to benefit from solar. Growth in those segments is still considerable. it’s just that the importance of residential household solar is predominant. Work needs to be done in terms of really boosting the profile of solar energy applications in other areas.

By sheer numbers alone, it’s easy to see just how important residential solar is to the industry. It’s not only limited to quantities, household solar is important to the very concept of renewable energy itself. The fact is that you can’t very well install a wind turbine in your backyard. Solar will therefore remain the embodiment of clean and renewable energy right where most folks can appreciate it: at home.

The need for sustainable renewable energy is become clearer

Individuals are also becoming more aware of the need for renewable energy and sustainability. The environmental side of things is becoming more of a motivation that offsets the financial aspect. If people find it within their means, they will definitely choose to install solar power systems at home.

Find out how easy and economical it is

Homeowners who are looking to install solar power systems on their homes’ roofs are in for a treat. It’s never been easier or more affordable to get solar panels. Plus, with many spending more time at home these days, we can really appreciate the kind of power savings rooftop solar can provide.

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