Companies are doing their best to become more energy sustainable, increasingly focusing on Solar to achieve this. The impact is promoting the demand across all sectors for renewable energy and power. The result is that solar installations keep growing. Higher energy costs mean that home owners are increasingly seeking alternative power sources and supplies. Clean, renewable solar is seen by many as the answer at all levels.

solar investment

Investment in solar energy keeps growing

One of the questions people frequently ask is whether solar is a sufficient energy source for their homes and businesses. They need to be sure that solar is a meaningful solution. Firstly, is it capable of supplying consistent amounts of energy. Secondly, can it support the demand for all their home requirements. Thirdly, is solar capable of supplying energy on a scale sufficient to power whole communities. Investment by the energy sector is important.
Let’s see some specific examples to better illustrate the impact.

The impact of Solar pacesetters

Check out some of the most prominent companies that are relying on solar power in a huge way. This way, you’ll see for yourself the impact solar is increasingly having as the future of global energy. The various roadblocks in 2020, such as the coronavirus and financial turbulence, could not buck this trend.

Companies like Amazon and Google have been shown to be big on renewables. Those two topped the list of clean energy purchasers in 2020. Amazon, for example, accounted for 5.1GW of clean energy purchases. Again, of that total, 3.092 GW (around 60 percent) was via solar power. Imagine the impact if all the big companies were to approach renewables in the same way.

Data centers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities—these are some of the facilities that can take advantage of clean energy supply. Similarly, many opportunities are awaiting big companies who want to get a leg up in the sustainability race.

Setting the example

By getting involved in renewable energy to this extent, prominent companies will be leading by example. They will generate goodwill for the brand by living up to expectations of sustainability. Other companies seeing this will inevitably realize the need to step up their efforts as well. The alternative is to come on board or get left behind. A good part of it may still lie in the future, but the implications and the impact for the greater good are clear.

This applies equally to individuals. The lead set by the industrial sector will attract the private sector to follow. The lead taken by these companies will serve to showcase the advantages of solar energy to individual homeowners. Brands engaging in sustainability efforts can market that belief to the public. At the very least, they will raise awareness in people who are familiar with their products and services. The notion that that solar power is a viable alternative will be a useful nudge in the right direction.

Generating demand

Companies are scrambling to meet sustainability targets that have been backlogged because of the global pandemic. With more companies getting in the game, demand for renewable power generation rises. However, this makes additional infrastructure and development necessary.

That, of course, benefits the solar power industry as a whole. All that demand leads to improvements in the technology, job generation, and overall lower costs for everyone.

Big companies are putting a big chunk of their valuable resources into solar. Consequently it is a clear indication that solar will become the pillar of a sustainable world powered by renewable energy. The great thing about solar is you don’t have to be a big corporation to get in on the action. You can join in by getting a solar PV system installed at your own home.

The impact of solar on lowering your energy bill

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