The benefits of solar power for your Maryland home are well known. One of the areas in which solar power keeps making considerable progress is in the field of battery technology. There have been huge improvements and developments in the past few years. It’s still not quite at a stage though where the battery technology is cost-efficient enough for everyone. For those in certain parts of the country, it may not always be economical enough, but it is proving very popular in Maryland and DC. While many solar battery applications are still a bit on the expensive side, there’s plenty about it that’s exciting. The prospective benefits of battery backups are wide ranging. Many will become even more advantageous as battery technology continues to improve and becomes more affordable and accessible to all.

The benefit of solar for grid independence

Off-grid applications are an area where solar battery backups come into their own. These are areas that have no access to the grid, or locations meant entirely for grid-free living. That such setups are already possible today is a testament to the advancement of solar power technology. It many cases off-grid or standalone solar applications work in tandem with other alternative energy sources such as hydro or wind power. This combination is usually able to produce all the necessary power and energy requirements for virtually any location or structure.


For those that opt to install battery backups, there is a great opportunity to further save on utility costs. Combined with their system’s daytime solar power generation, they make considerable excess power available. This allows homeowners to become completely grid-independent even over periods of extremely bad weather and minimal sunshine. While battery power alone is not ideal for powering all appliances in a house for a long period, it is a perfect backup for emergencies. Being grid-free in this way can shed many dollars off the monthly electric bill.

Banking any extra unused power

Well-designed household solar systems can often generate solar power that is in excess of their needs. What happens to this surplus power? Using a system known as Net Metering, one feeds this extra power back into the commercial grid. There it remains as a credit balance in the user’s account against the cost of any future grid usage. It’s just another great option that makes solar all the more appealing.


Battery backup systems are even more beneficial for homeowners who are in a location that has an unreliable grid supply. Blackouts do happen and are a great nuisance as everyone knows, this is where the benefit of solar with battery backup is so important. Periods of cloudy and rainy weather or periods of harsh weather conditions also affect the delivery of grid-power. Battery backup power serves as a failsafe option when the grid power goes down. Some homeowners are now starting to install multiple battery setups to deal effectively with these outages.

The benefit of solar power is that it is green

Another reason for installing solar battery power is the conscious effort to contribute to the preservation of the environment. Reducing reliance on fossil fuels and grid electricity goes a long way towards achieving this. Homeowners who choose to invest in solar battery backups can take advantage of all these benefits. While there is still plenty of room for improvement, considerable efforts continue to be made to improve storage capacities. Batteries with larger capacities will continue to help reducing utility costs and provide more benefits. Solar battery backups are set to help unlock the true potential of solar power in the future.

Find out what battery backups can do for your home

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