The Age of Solar power: its unstoppable advance as the future of energy

There’s no stopping the age of solar power. That much is clear considering the trends that we have seen in the landscape of solar energy—as well as energy as a whole—that has seen so many developments and advances.

All of these have put solar energy in a prime position to take over from traditional fossil fuels. Governments continue to prioritize shifting towards greener and more renewable sources of energy. Private entities are stepping up efforts to use photovoltaic systems as a means to save on utilities and also to future-proof their operations. The residential sector is doing the same, on a smaller scale but with an encouraging adoption rate.

The age of Solar keeps getting more cost-effective

A key aspect of the advancement and adoption of solar energy is, without a doubt, the cost. It’s not just the amount of subsidies being dished out by governments in an effort to step up green initiatives.

The costs continue to go down, driven in part by increased demand and also in part by cheaper costs and more streamlined processes. The government incentives also help a lot, where they are applicable.

Take one study, for example, that analysed the solar situation in China. The researchers found that solar power is now theoretically cheaper than grid-sourced power in cities. This means that solar energy projects could be built and they would end up at lower prices versus grid-supplied power.

If that trend of grid parity continues and holds true for the rest of the world, there’s really nothing stopping a massive adoption of solar energy systems as the main energy supplier. This is a significant step for both industrial and commercial solar power.

Solar panels keep getting better

All of this would not be possible if the developments did not go hand in hand with the advancement of the materials and technologies used in making solar panels. The increase in demand facilitates increased production, and this generates additional know-how as well as the drive to improve upon existing processes.

These days, we have panel materials that one can integrate directly and seamlessly into building construction. There are also panel surfaces that are available straight out away for building construction and finishes, that don’t detract from form and function. Plus, the energy-harnessing efficiency is way up on such applications.

Overall efficiency is still the main concern where solar panels are concerned, and today’s panels are approaching grid levels of efficiency especially in the area of costs. Inefficiency was once the main barrier that stood in the way of mass adoption of solar. Those days are behind us. The solar systems are already extremely efficient. Yet the possibility of further development keeps fueling the emergence of new solar panel technology.

With costs down, demand up, and more developments in the works, solar power continues to lead this new era of renewable energy. The only question now is, are you going to be left behind? Find a system and panel provider so you can start shifting to solar today!

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