There has been a lot of hype around the surefire success of solar power in the past couple of years. Along with wind energy, solar is touted as the future of energy. A lot is riding on solar power as the world looks toward renewables and aims for sustainability.

solar power success

So, the question is, why aren’t our homes and lands covered with solar panels already? Let’s examine a number of factors affecting solar power adoption. We’ll also look into things that need to fall into place to realize a renewable future.

Recency versus urgency

To be fair, the renewable revolution has only been gaining traction in recent years. The sad fact is, there are still climate change deniers everywhere. It’s not easy to get people on board the renewable bandwagon. People who are firmly entrenched in fossil fuels and standard grid-supplied power will also be hard to sway.

That said, it’s a bit more understandable why not everyone has the sense of urgency to go the sustainability route. As more people and companies make the turnaround, though, it shouldn’t take too long.

Misconceptions abound

Where solar power is concerned, there’s still a lot of wrong information floating around. People still think it’s this super-expensive platform that’s hard to maintain. Yet, utility solar is already cheaper in many locations than the more common sources of energy like gas and coal plants.

There are also a lot more solar power service providers these days. All promise surefire success The equipment and installations are more accessible than ever. Most companies even provide free consultations so people can get quotes and plans tailor-made for their homes. It is imperative that solar industry companies continue to disseminate pertinent information so that these misconceptions are shattered.

Support from the relevant sectors promises surefire success

Solar power, as well as other main renewable energy sources, have had great support from governments. Private sector investment has also helped facilitate the adoption of solar. All of this support has to continue so that solar adoption grows even more in the coming years. Current indicators point to this trend, so we can look forward to this in years to come.

More residential installations

It’s easy to see how large companies and utility providers could move to invest in the surefire success of solar power. However, the real growth will happen with residential solar. More homes need to have access to solar power, especially households categorized as low- or middle-income. After all, there are over 7.8 billion people on the planet.

Just imagine if a majority of that figure can enjoy solar power at home. A lot of people will be able to save on energy costs, while also contributing to the overall sustainability effort.

Industry experts as well as market observers see considerable growth in solar for the foreseeable future. The factors listed above will help determine how much growth the industry sees in the coming years.

The time to climb onboard is now

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