In a 2019 poll of US homeowners, nearly 50% of respondents said that they have given serious thought to installing solar panels in their property. This is a significant uptick from the 40% figure in a similar poll back in 2016.

More and more homeowners are indeed considering solar power to backstop, and ultimately, replace traditional grid power. Why is that? Let’s explore some of the reasons why solar keeps becoming the smarter choice for homeowners, now more than ever.

Utility cost-cutting

The big promise of small-scale home solar installation, is that it helps people who install these systems save considerable amounts of money on their utility bills. Any initial investment for the panels and the system will have a full return on investment long before the anticipated end-of-lifespan of the aforementioned system.

Awareness about and desire for sustainability

One of the top reasons homeowners consider solar panels in the first place arises out of a desire to help the environment. Many people are now more aware of the environmental issues, and they realize that they can help drive change and contribute to the global thrust towards sustainability. Installing solar panels allows people to achieve that, while also securing a good measure of personal benefits for themselves.

Adds value to the property and to the community

The homebuying market puts a considerable premium on energy efficiency, and because of this, homes that have solar panel systems definitely have greater value. This holds especially true for homes that have been put up for sale that come with fresh solar panels in place. This ties into the previous item, where sustainability-conscious prospective homeowners are looking for properties that best match their outlook.

It’s a renewable source of energy

This is the bottom line. Solar has proven to be a superior choice because not only is it renewable, it has also been proven to be viable for a wide range of applications in varying scales and sizes. It’s cleaner than fossil fuels and efficient in its own right. Plus, the industry continues to research and develop new technologies that make solar even more appealing for consumers.

According to the scientific community, it will take a few billion years before the sun exhausts the hydrogen fuel at its core. That means we’ve got plenty of time to make good use of all this freely available energy. Compare this to the fossil fuels we have relied so much in the past, the sources of which are constantly being depleted by large-scale production and consumption.

How to take advantage of renewable solar energy

The reasons above make it clear that solar is the smart choice. While this applies specifically to small-scale home solar installations, communities and cities are also stepping up in terms of solar generation. This is in order to enjoy similar benefits—particularly where energy efficiency and sustainability are the issue.

If you’re thinking about trying out solar panels, contact Renewable Energy Corporation, Baltimore’s premier solar power provider so you can be acquainted with the options available for your home. Solar panels add great value to any home, and all the benefits that come with these systems will only help you make the smart choice.


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