Much more than just an accident?

Experts are saying that there may be much more than coincidence to the massive wild fires that  keep occurring worldwide. It seems that a branch falling onto a power line started the Getty fire in Los Angeles. But the evidence for destructive bush fires starting as a result of global warming is a real possibility.  Disastrous events like these are a real cause for concern.  Entirely natural factors do affect the prevalence of fires in locations such as California  Any area which is naturally arid in certain seasons of the year is at risk of fires due to lightning. However the added factor of raised temperatures from climate change can also be a cause.

What can solar energy do to help alleviate this problem?

How can solar help prevent such instances from becoming more commonplace, or even from occurring at all? With the increase in solar energy production, the dependence on fossil fuels decreases. The hope is that this will markedly reduce the carbon footprint that possibly affects global temperatures. Ultimately we need to do much more to find a way to stabilize this.

Why those power lines are still necessary

The deployment of solar power, especially on the individual residential scale, essentially provides a private “microgrid”. This however does not do away with power lines altogether. Power lines are the connection to the commercial grid which is still essential.

For two reasons, one has to remain connected to the commercial grid:

  1. If the solar panels cease functioning, one needs power from the commercial grid. For example at night.
  2. Solar panels regularly produce more more daily power than we need, Using the Net Metering process, the excess is fed back into the commercial grid. This surplus capacity is “banked” to our credit for later use.

Materials and installation

Solar panels are inherently a safe method of producing electricity. This is not to say that solar power systems are exempt from any hazards. The key is to make sure that everything is installed properly to avoid electrical faults and other mishaps. Fires that occur because of solar power arrays are rare.

Your installation company will have much more information for you about this. They use state of the art methods, insuring that the whole system is safe on your rooftop. Your panels will have a mount that suitably isolates and buffers them from the structure of your house.

Additional power when there’s no power

When disaster strikes, the grid supply will invariably have to be shut down. This is especially true  during incidents like the California fires. All possible sources of risk need to be avoided to prevent more fires from breaking out. With solar in place you will have a great advantage.  While your neighbors are in darkness, your home will still be lit and working!

Maintenance over the life of your solar panels

Each solar power system is a self-contained unit. That makes it relatively easy to maintain over the period of its lifespan. It can provide power for decades with minimal expenses for maintenance or replacement of parts.

Don’t I need much more power when it gets cloudy?

What happens at night or when its very cloudy? Won’t I run out of power?

The good news is that a well designed system can provide plenty of backup at such times. You can keep working for hours on end, even during blackouts.

To fully maximize this, you need to equip your PV system with a good amount of solar power storage. Batteries can add to the cost of your system, depending on the capacity, but it’s a good investment. Ample storage ensures you get the most of surplus power generation. It means that you have access to a reliable amount of backup power whenever needed.

Why is solar termed clean energy?

Solar power is generally seen as an alternative that can steer us away from dependence on fossil fuels. It’s a cleaner source of energy that helps the environment. There is much more to solar. It also offers a ton of economic advantages and conveniences.

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