The benefits of solar powered energy

In the ongoing quest for more sustainable sources of energy, people have always looked up and marveled at the sun. After all, it’s right there in the sky, endlessly radiating light and heat. If that power, pouring down on our earth, could just be tapped!

Assuming we were able to harness solar energy, what would the benefits be? Would it be worth the cost and trouble?

Let’s find out.

solar powered home

Constant availability

Every morning, without fail, the sun rises. Acting as a giant pump it warms the oceans, causing water vapor to rise and condense into clouds. Then it heats the land, generating winds which carry the clouds inland to provide rain.

Without the sun, life as we know it on this earth, would cease to exist. Thankfully, it will continue indefinitely to burn in the sky.

That’s the very definition of solar powered ‘renewable’ energy right there!

No need to search for it

 There’s no need to dig deep into the earth or drill into offshore locations. Fair weather and a clear skies are all we need to source that energy supply.

Best of all, the solar powered energy source itself is free, and we don’t need to pay exorbitant prices to buy it from other nations.

It produces even more than our daily needs

 On sunny days, the solar powered energy pouring down will far exceed our daily requirements. With the technology already at our disposal, any surplus energy generated can be stored until it is needed. In this way energy is available even at night when the sun has set. Because of this, solar power is viable even in less sunny climates. The brighter days make up for the cloudy periods, so there is always energy available.

Truly eco-friendly for the environment

One of the major problems that has arisen in recent times is climate change. The traditional method of generating power by burning fossil fuels has brought about changes in our planet’s eco-system. The effect of the so-called greenhouse gas emissions is thought to be the cause of the global warming that is affecting the oceans damaging the environment.

All of these problems can effectively be solved with solar energy. By replacing fossil fuels with clean solar energy there is zero release of greenhouse gases.

Solar energy supplies electrical power in an eco-friendly way. Minimal waste material occurs with solar powered systems. It is absolutely green and clean.

In a world where the effects of greenhouse gas emissions are a major problem, change is vital. Surely then, solar is the logical next step in man’s quest for an energy source.

Versatility and convenience

A major problem in many developing countries is the lack of available electrical power. The cost of laying power cables to reach remote areas is just not economical. As a result, large numbers of the world’s population are still without electricity.

In some places, solar farms are providing energy to whole towns and areas. These solar power sources enable otherwise hard-to-reach or off-the-grid locations to have access to energy

Even in developed regions, solar PV panels are replacing the need for total dependence on expensive utility companies.

Solar powered systems also have many scientific applications. NASA uses it in space satellites and unmanned probe equipment, to power internal batteries. The space industry constantly drives the development of better solar powered equipment for home use too.

Cost-effectiveness means big savings

The argument that initial installation costs can be expensive is only partially correct. However, most installation companies offer easy payment arrangements. With the cost spread over a number of years, the eventual savings in utility bills is massive.

The cost of solar panels had decreased tremendously over the past ten years, and a good system is today within the reach of every household.

The great advantage is that utility bills will never increase! This is in direct contrast to the constantly escalating prices when on a commercial grid supply.

With minimal easy maintenance, and extremely long life panels, solar is truly a cost-effective solution.

Solar installations are constantly on the increase

As a result of all its benefits, we are seeing an uptick in the adoption of this clean and green technology. With individuals and companies now more aware of the need to be more environment-friendly, the focus is on developing new solar systems.

This means that we can expect to see even more developments in store for future solar energy applications.

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