Solar power technology keeps improving

One of the main keys to unlocking the potential of solar power technology is  the level of continuing research and development. This includes new improvements to the design and construction of PV panels. Another major area is the progress in solar power storage technology. All in all there are still many new potential avenues available to continue enhancing the solar industry.

Here are some of the recent developments in the field. Read further about how they can make solar bigger and better in the days and years ahead.

Solar-energy-trapping particles

The development of storage technology is an area where improvements are still necessary. Scientists continue to devote considerable effort in this field attempting to develop better batteries and storage solutions. The goal is to help make solar power systems more efficient and reliable.

On that front, a team of researchers in Sweden are researching a way to enhance extremely long term solar energy storage. This method will potentially make use of a molecule that can trap the sun’s energy, keeping it available until it requires release. As always, this requires large amounts of investment capital to enable research to proceed. Hopefully backers will come forward to allow this exciting work to continue.

Sunflower-powered solar tech

This wonderful new innovation, courtesy of a team of UCLA and Arizona State researchers, could automate the optimization of solar panels. The idea is to help them align at the perfect angle and tilt at all times.

The inspiration for this work, is the ability of sunflowers and other types of plants to continually seek out optimal exposure to the sun’s rays. As a result, the team has come up with a technique they call SUNbot. This is basically an automated solar panel array. It has a ‘stem’ that can bend and point the panel at the optimal angle.

According to the researchers, the new technology is able to generate up to four times more solar power in comparison to static arrays that cannot follow the sun.

Solar power technology from space

Another of the more ambitious solar-power projects in recent years seems like something straight out of a science-fiction novel. It’s still very early in the project’s life, but could be amazing. The idea is to collect solar power from massive solar panels orbiting the earth. This energy would then be available by beaming it straight down to earth.

The real-world application is still a long way off, as a workable prototype isn’t yet available. If this ever becomes a reality, mankind could have  practically unlimited access to constant solar energy. This technique would ultimately circumvent having to deal with issues like location or weather.

Human ingenuity can take it much further

More and more innovations and developments are steering the solar power industry into new directions and greater heights. With demand for solar at an all-time high, it’s only reasonable to think that this kind of focus and interest will continue for years to come. As the world seeks to do away with fossil fuels while preserving the environment, solar is uniquely positioned to usher in a new era for mankind.

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