Installing and using solar power systems, regardless of type, seems simple enough. Expert solar power installation companies like Renewable Energy Corporation will get it all done for you. Trained professionals like these are aware of all the factors likely to affect your solar power performance. They will assess your home carefully and then suggest the best system for your specific needs.

But what happens when external factors affect the performance of a solar power system? How do we overcome this? Let’s take a look at some of these factors below.

The effect of air pollution

Coupled with the amazing economic benefits a solar power system provides, are the benefits it brings to the environment. Burning traditional fuels causes an increase in the carbon footprint. The resulting greenhouse effect is causing global warming on an alarming scale. With the clean and renewable power that solar systems can provide there is hope that this trend will soon reverse..

While this heating effect occurs relative high up in the atmosphere, there is another factor much closer to home. The air right above our cities is subject to another type of pollution. In some regions things are already so bad  that the sunlight is weaker, affecting solar power systems.

In South Korea and China, for example, the air pollution is so thick that the sunlight just basically doesn’t reach the solar panels anymore. A study has shown that the output of solar panel systems has declined from 1960 to 2015 by 11 to 15 percent. That’s a lot of potential power lost over the years. Fortunately we don’t have this problem in the USAl

Dust and dirt

Another factor that could affect the panels directly, is dust. Since some solar facilities are built in desert or arid regions, the amount of dust and dirt can coat the panels in photovoltaic systems and the mirrors in CSP systems. Panels and mirrors in the respective systems require periodic cleaning in order to keep the systems’ output at optimal levels.

Cloud cover

Similar to the China example above, cloud cover too can mask the sunlight. Naturally, if no sunlight reaches the panels, is going to prevent the sun’s rays from reaching your solar panels. Solar energy systems have nothing to convert if they don’t receive sunlight via the panels.

Fortunately, for most of the USA this is at most a temporary problem. The few really cloudy days soon pass, with most days allowing the sunlight to stream down. What is more important for the installers to take into consideration is shade from nearby trees or structures. These need to be mitigated so as not to affect the quality of sunlight reaching the solar power panels.

Assessing the amount of cloud cover in a particular location will determine the exact installation of your solar panel system. Shade in the immediate vicinity should also be avoided to ensure optimal performance.


It’s not simply about putting panels in the most convenient space on a house or building. The panels also need to have the proper orientation  so they line up with the sun’s rays at the best possible angle. This also holds true for the bigger solar farms that stretch for miles and miles. These are built from the start to benefit from the best angles for optimal efficiency.

Extreme temperatures

This goes mainly for cheaper mass-market solar panels, as they will be affected more by extreme temperatures, especially extremely high readings. You likely won’t have to worry much because the finest commercial panels will function despite elevated temperature levels.

Renewable Energy Corporation use only the finest cutting edge panels and equipment to overcome this. Placing them in exactly the right location on your roof.

Avoid going for systems which cut corners on equipment to reduce prices. The best results will always be with the finest equipment. Choose only the most experienced installation companies to make sure that you get exactly what you need.

Where to go from here

There you have it. Now, take the easy and sensible route. Fill in the simple free estimate form and we’ll arrange to come around at your convenience and fully assess your property and needs.  This is a completely free, no obligation service which will enable you to make a correct and comfortable decision.

Let us come around and answer all of your questions. The economic benefits are amazing and you will be benefiting the environment at the same time.