Solar power system maintenance tip

Getting a good solar power system setup up on your roof and providing your home with clean energy is great. Even with recent advancements, though, it can still be a bit costly up front. Fortunately there are now widely accessible and affordable options on the market which make it more affordable. Maintaining the system to ensure it lasts and works at peak efficiency is obviously important.

Why is maintenance so important?

Performing proper maintenance on your solar energy system components ensures:

  • long term functionality
  • greater efficiency
  • system longevity

If you want to enjoy excellent performance out of your solar rig, then we’ve got some useful tips and tricks for you. It’s a good idea to make sure that you implement them.

Purchase appropriate cleaning gear

You can discuss with the supplier if they also offer cleaning or maintenance kits. These would allow you to safely perform routine cleaning on your solar panels, and save dollars. You might already have some equipment at home that can do the job,but some solar equipment might require more specialized tools. Your typical household cleaning items may not be sophisticated enough to get the job done efficiently enough. Some issues like residue build-up might be more than your trusty garden hose can clean.

Watch out for your wiring

The wires that connect your solar power system components are key components that deliver power from one point to another. Checking the wires periodically will allow you to spot problem areas. Harsh weather conditions can cause wear that might result in some  fraying or other kinds of damage. You should also inspect the connections to ensure total reliability of the system.

Re-position the panels for optimal sunlight exposure

Making sure that your solar panels face the sun at the proper angle is important. The importance of doing this should not be underrated. Achieving maximum efficiency depends on maximizing the amount of sunlight that falls directly on your solar panels.  Your solar panel provider will calculate the correct angle of inclination for you during setup, but make sure to check on this. In addition, you might want to ask whether the original angles will remain ideal throughout the year. The problem is that the inclination of the sun’s rays does vary substantially with the change of season. It’s vital to make sure that the angle is still good in the winter when the days are shorter and you need all the power you can get. The amount of sunlight exposure your panels get is what you should be watching.

Don’t forget about the warranty

Solar panels and the equipment built around them must always match the highest industry standards. With modern technical know-how, this should be a given for your system. A fine solar installer will always offer a long warranty for superior equipment. Many solar providers will guarantee their products for many years. So, make sure that you avail yourself of a good warranty when engaging a solar installation company.  It’s not unusual for a good system to keep delivering worry-free service for decades. That’s truly a great return  on your hard-earned money.

Read the fine print

What you can’t prevent or tweak, the warranty can usually cover. Know what’s included with your purchase, and don’t hesitate to avail yourself of free servicing or periodic check-ups. Reading the fine print ensures you are always aware of the status of your solar power system.

Being able to get the most out of your system for as long as possible is the best way to maximize the investment you’ve made. Maintaining the system properly should therefore be at the top of your list of priorities. Extending the system’s life not only helps you save more, it also guarantees you will enjoy it to the maximum. In addition you will be contributing to the environment by using clean, renewable energy that will power your home for years to come.

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