Solar power has enormous advantages and benefits both for each individual and for society in general. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, there is a widely held belief that burning fossil fuels to supply our energy needs harms the planet by increasing the greenhouse effect. Secondly, the traditional fossil fuel supplies are running down and continuously becoming more expensive.

What is this greenhouse effect?

greenhouse effect

Source: Wikimedia Commons

When the solar energy from our sun streams down and reaches the earth, it warms the surface of the planet. A lot of this warmth then radiates back up through the atmosphere, where it is lost to the cold of outer space, but not all of it goes lost. Some of it is captured high in the atmosphere by a layer of “greenhouse” gases which prevents it from all escaping. This is termed the greenhouse effect, and it is vital that it does occur, as without it all the heat would be lost, and the Earth would freeze.

Why do fossil fuels negatively impact the greenhouse effect?

Burning fossil fuels to extract their energy, emits a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a powerful greenhouse gas. By combining with the other greenhouse gases high up in the atmosphere, it is causing the greenhouse effect to become stronger. The result is that more heat is being trapped, and the planet’s climate is starting to warm up more than in the past.

This change has a knock-on effect causing changes in the globe’s weather patterns. The ultimate result is uncertain, but the current feeling is that efforts must be made to limit this upward spiral.

How does solar energy solve this problem?

  1. The production of energy from solar power is pollution free and causes no greenhouse gases to be emitted.
  2. It reduces dependence on expensive foreign oil supplies and other difficult-to-source fossil fuels, keeping energy prices down.
  3. For the homeowner, a well-designed solar energy system can reduce your electricity bill to virtually zero.
  4. Your property value will increase, improving the salability of your home.
  5. Solar power is a fully renewable clean power source that is available every day of the year.
  6. Even on overcast days some energy will be produced.

Is the switch from the grid to home solar worth it?

We are all familiar with the hefty utility bills that add hundreds of dollars to our monthly budget. In addition to the appliances in our kitchens and living rooms, the average American home uses a wider range of electric and electronic appliances and gadgets than ever before. And the electricity bill keeps climbing.

In the last couple of decades, our homes have changed out of all recognition. Items that are commonplace today where undreamt of by the last generation. The list keeps growing. Home computers, laptops, HD TV and sophisticated home entertainment systems, wi-fi and fiber internet feeds. Every member of the family has a mobile phone, and many have tablets, and the media keep telling us why we need to update to this year’s new model.

Without power nothing functions

Remember the last time there was an outage. The lights were off and the internet was down? No emails and no messaging! The whole world came to a standstill, or so it seemed until the lights came on again!

The U.S Energy Information Administration has predicted that power usage will keep increasing. With the cost of traditional fossil fuels climbing all the time, the result will be that we will keep paying more for power. That is, if we remain dependent on the commercial grid.

Solar power is the solution!

Fortunately, there is a way out of this never-ending cost spiral. We can switch to powering our homes with the free, clean and renewable energy that flows unceasingly from our sun. So, are solar panels worth it? The answer is a resounding yes!

Installing solar panels is easy and straight forward

Installing the appropriate number of solar panels on your roof can bring a massive saving in utility bills. A good solar installation company like Maryland Renewable Energy Corporation will design a system that dramatically reduces your energy costs. It is quite possible, with such a system, to reduce your electric bill, making you entirely independent of the energy grid. And customizing an estimate for your home is quick and completely free.

How can one estimate the cost of a solar system?

Your electricity bills for the past 12 months show your monthly usage in kWh. Divide this figure by 30 to arrive at your average daily power usage. We now know how much daily power you need the solar panels to deliver.

Using your location and the average number of sunlight hours per day, we can accurately determines how many panels you will need to generate this amount of electricity.

Naturally this is a simplified explanation, but the principle is clear. Your Solar installation company will provide you with a free quote, setting out the exact specifications. You will then know exactly what installation you need and the cost to install it. The result will be that you are largely independent of the expensive energy providers!

Plus, there are the tax breaks and grants.

To encourage the installation of renewable Solar energy panels, there is an automatic Federal tax incentive available to you. This means you can reduce the net cost of installing a Solar system by 30%. This tax credit is still available to homeowners in some form through 2021. To get it you have to move now!

Are Solar Panels a good investment for the long term?

The number of homes that have gone solar keeps climbing, and numbers in the millions. Realtors report that solar homes are proving more and more attractive to buyers, and the number of installations keeps climbing.

After installing solar power, the investment value becomes dramatic. Monthly utility costs are minimal or even zero. The resale value of the home has been substantially enhanced, and one is entirely free of the price increases that non-solar homes will be paying.

The bottom line

Installing solar panels is really a no brainer. We can save on our monthly utility bills, our home value will increase, the environment benefits. Why wait? Contact us today for a completely free estimate. Visit us online to do it. It’s quick, easy and can save you thousands of dollars every year!