Some homeowners delay going solar because they believe their homes are too small to benefit from solar panel installations. In reality, small home and large homes can both benefit from solar power. Think of it like this:

  • Because solar is a scalable technology, you can add as little or as much capacity as you want.
  • Even one solar panel will reduce your electricity bill. Adding more panels will only increase your monthly savings.

And thus, any property that receives direct sunlight is potentially a good candidate for solar, including:

  • Offices and stores
  • Single family homes
  • Townhouses
  • Condos
  • Apartments

Solar Energy for Small Homes: Is a $0 Electric Bill Possible?

What if you live in a small house with limited roof space? Is it really possible to reduce your monthly bills to $0?

Yes, it is.

Solar energy for small homes is about making the most of limited space. No matter the size of your home, solar panels can lower your electric bill. Even apartment solar panels are possible. By implementing some or all of the following steps, even the smallest homes can reduce their electricity bills 100%.

Step 1: Ground-mounted Solar Installations
Many Maryland homeowners explore ground-mounted solar solutions as opposed to rooftop installations buy generic propranolol. If your roof space is limited, this may be a good option for you.

Step 2: Maximize Your Solar Exposure
Believe it or not, it’s actually environmentally responsible to cut down trees if this means your home (and solar panels) receive more direct sunlight. Don’t let obstacles and shading prevent you from harnessing free energy from the sun.

Step 3: Join Maryland’s Net Metering Program
In addition to its other great solar incentives, Maryland offers a generous net metering program. You sell excess solar electricity to the utility (at a profit) during the day — and buy back grid electricity at night. Thanks to this program, not only can your monthly bills hit $0, but they can actually become negative.

Step 4: Make Your Home Energy Efficient
Regardless of your home’s size, the more energy efficient you make it, the fewer solar panels you’ll need. Read these useful tips for reducing energy consumption.

Step 5: Install High Efficiency Solar Panels
Want to make optimal use of limited roof and ground space? Make sure your installer uses high efficiency solar panels that deliver the most power per square meter possible. For more on this, click here.

Find Out if Your Home Can Enjoy Lower Electric Bills with Solar Power

Whether your home is a palace or a one-bedroom starter home, a solar panel installation is an investment that will pay for itself. If you’ve been putting off an installation because you feel your home is too small, let us give you an estimate of how much you can save on your electric bill.