Innovations in solar power technology keep continuing and progressing. Even when you think the science has peaked, new developments come along to surprise us.

The examples below are just a few of the recent advancements made in the field. They are clear indicators that solar energy science is here to stay, and it will only keep getting better going forward.

solar science

The latest solar panel science brings great economic benefits for homeowners

Night-shift solar panels

When dealing with solar panel systems, one issue is that the sun doesn’t blaze in the sky for 24 hours. Consequently, your power generation goes down just as the sun does. One team has accordingly given solar panels some add-ons so that they can still generate power even at night.

The science behind these nighttime solar panels works through something called ‘radiative cooling’. Therefore, instead of direct sunlight, the panels feed off of “the coldness of outer space.” The modified panel made by the team was able to generate 50 milliwatts of power per square meter. Compared to standard solar panels, that amount of power generation is really tiny. However, it’s still a big leap in comparison to previous iterations of this very same tech.

Molecular science solar thermal (MOST) systems

There is a new technology that relies on molecular photoisomers for harvesting solar energy. In brief, the science behind these is known as molecular solar thermal or MOST systems. For example, you can picture it as kind of an artificial photosynthesis. While we normally use semiconductor material in solar panels, these systems use organic matter.

These are then combined with ultrathin thermoelectric chips to convert the stored energy into electricity. Consequently, the storage and conversion mechanisms make transport and utilization extremely practical. Moreover, this is even in places without ideal sunlight exposure. In addition, MOST systems rely on accessible organic molecules instead of relatively rare raw materials.

In truth, this technology is still in its infancy and will take a while for any commercial viability. However, the potential of this tech is sky-high, and we could see more resources from this science in the future.

Printed panels using organic photovoltaic science

One team at the Centre for Organic Electronics at the University of Newcastle has printed panels using organic photovoltaics. As a result, these lightweight and relatively low-cost panels, are easy to install and can match a variety of size requirements. The science behind the panels relies on water-based solar paint. In addition, through a roll-to-roll processing technique, manufacturing is fast, easily allowing the fabrication of large panels. In particular, these solar modules are suitable for use in buildings, vehicles, and a variety of other applications. Consequently, the flexibility of the product and the speed of the process also holds great potential. In addition, they are especially convenient when it comes to remote areas and special conditions.

How this exciting science benefits us all

New developments in the realm of solar energy are always exciting bits of news. You never know what researchers and scientists will come up with next. What you read about in the news today might sound like it’s from a sci-fi movie. However, some of these technologies could be commercially viable only a few years from now. In brief, we might soon see them as standard features in tomorrow’s solar PV systems. To summarize, with such innovators and creators at work, the future of solar power is as bright as the sun in the sky.

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