The role of solar energy – how it impacts on us all

Much has been said about the solar energy industry, especially the role it plays helping to keep the world green. The renewable energy sector, of which solar is a major player, continues to see considerable growth.  This is along with an increasing commitment from a wide range of stakeholders across the globe. Renewable energy projects keep getting built world-wide on various scales. All this has major implications for the global green initiative. Clean energy is seen as a vital necessity and a powerful tool for keeping the atmosphere healthy. So how is the Solar sector doing to help green initiatives so far?

The state of solar power

From both a macro and micro perspective, it’s hard to deny that solar is enjoying a golden age. Facilities keep getting built in many countries. Together with these, pieces of infrastructure that will support the plants and solar farms that are popping up. Because these facilities are large and very visible, this helps further fuel the idea that they are making a difference.

The truth is, however, that this is not sufficient, even with all the projects that have already been built. A tremendous amount of effort has gone into bringing more solar capacity and access to the people. The world, though, as a whole is still considerably behind the necessary targets. For a totally sustainable and renewable energy landscape a lot more still needs to happen.

What needs to happen

There’s already a tremendous amount of development within the solar power industry, and also with related technologies. However, in order to keep in step with all the ambitious goals a lot more needs to take place. Clean energy is definitely helping to mitigate the apparent effects of climate change. It can only improve the earth’s environmental situation at both the local and global levels. The main need, though, is for many more installations. Solar, along with the other renewable sources of energy, should be building at a larger scale.

So what is  the next step in the role of renewable energy?

Of course, building lots more massive projects is easier said than done. Solar is already leading the way as far as renewables are concerned. There’s also no shortage of initiatives from various governments to put up sizable projects. These will ultimately help in the effort to increase capacity and drive down costs. Speaking of the cost aspect, it is no longer the prohibitive factor that it used to be. So especially for smaller-scale applications, what more can be done?

One way solar can still help drive more people to using renewables is through inter-connectivity. Some of the developments and research can cross over into other renewable applications. This will facilitate integration and interdependence, and could unlock potential applications that can benefit a wide range of industries.

The need for public awareness of the role it is playing

There are still more ways to tap into the potential of solar energy. There is always more awareness possible about the industry. Many markets could do with the introduction of viable solar power options. Both for the purpose of energy efficiency or as part of their green efforts.

There is still much the world can do  to reach a level of sustainability in this sector. This is vital to offset the damage already done to the environment.  Much work remains for us to meet these environmental challenges, heading into the future.

Here’s the role we can all play

Solar power is an integral part of that future.  An indispensable piece of the renewable energy puzzle. The developments within the industry will help shape the landscape of renewable for years to come, and benefit each one of us.

In order to benefit from, and feel the change that’s sure to come, we need to get on board.

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