Residential solar has grown considerably in the Maryland and DC area over the past few years. This is thanks in large part to the hardware being available at more pocket-friendly prices than ever before. With the technology improving more and more with each passing year, residential solar is the option of choice.

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Solar electricity has numerous advantages over the traditional grid supply. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of residential solar, and perhaps you’ll be on your way to join the solar revolution as well.

Residential solar contributes to sustaining the environment

The energy available from our sun, unlike that from traditional fossil sources, is free, clean and completely renewable. When traditional fossil fuels burn, on the other hand, large amounts of carbon dioxide spew up into the atmosphere. The result is a greenhouse effect that prevents heat from escaping into outer space. The result is thought to be the cause of global temperatures beginning to rise.

Now that people are aware of this, many are eager to play a role in protecting our eco-system from further damage. Being able to personally contribute makes the move to solar power a big draw card. Combine this with the other benefits household solar brings, and it’s no wonder so many are climbing onto the solar bandwagon.

Residential solar brings massive utility savings

Investing in a solar power system enables households to shave a considerable chunk off their monthly electricity bill. Not only is there a cash saving, but the surplus solar energy which sunny days bring, is kept in reserve and available for future use. This is done using an automatic process known as Net Metering. This feeds any excess energy back into the commercial grid. The commercial supplier then keeps it available for the homeowner to draw one whenever required. So, one is in effect selling all surplus energy back to the grid.

In some locations, it takes a mere 60 months or five years for homeowners to recoup their initial up-front payment. One’s mileage may vary, of course, but that’s still a great time frame to recover your expenses. This is especially so when you consider that the lifespan of a household solar installation will be 25-30 years.

Generous incentives

Yet another way homeowners can save on the cost of a solar installation, is through government incentives or tax breaks. There are also separate state incentives or exemptions, depending on the location. These are some of the ways through which the government encourages adoption of solar and other renewable sources of energy.

Solar has never been more affordable

Over the past 10 years, the price of solar panel installations has come down by around 70 percent. Systems have never been cheaper. Thanks to advancements in manufacturing and materials research, they are also more efficient than ever. This is the case with household solar as well as large-scale applications.

Increases property value

Some homeowners have qualms about solar panels up on the roof detracting from the appearance of the house. In fact, the opposite is true. A good solar installation only enhances one’s dwelling. In addition, there is absolutely no possibility of the panels compromising the integrity of your home. A superior installation company will guarantee a completely safe and secure panel system.

So, in fact, you’re increasing the value of your home when you install solar panels. The majority of people in the market for a modern home put a premium on having solar power. Prices of solar homes can go up as much as 20 percent higher than a non-equipped neighboring property.

Let us tell you about the great advantages of residential solar

The benefits are great: save $ on utility costs, add value to your property, and reduce the carbon footprint. These are among the many reasons for getting into solar, but it gets even better than that.

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