Much has been said about renewable solar energy being the future. Yet, we are still very much dependent on fossil fuels that pollute our environment and contribute to climate change.

How can solar power drive long-term change?
renewable solar energy

Renewable solar is the ultimate lasting power source

Our existence on earth depends on the heat and light of the sun in our solar system. As long as it’s still burning, we can thrive on earth. So, as long as we are on earth, we can benefit from the sun as the ultimate renewable solar energy source.

The sun won’t be burning out for a while. It’ll take a few billion years before it exhausts its hydrogen. So, we have a few billion years during which we can tap into the sun’s rays for power. No need to deplete any finite carbon-rich resources buried under the earth.

Renewable solar is a cleaner form of energy

These days, there is growing awareness about climate change and the need for a more sustainable way of living. That’s the reason renewable sources of energy are gaining traction. Foremost among them are renewable solar, as well as wind energy sources.

That’s because renewable solar is so much cleaner as an energy source compared to traditional options. Carbon-rich fossil fuels contribute a lot to climate change and pollution. Conversely, renewables like solar are seen as the answer that will veer us away from our dependence on fossil fuels.

Have you heard of the Venezuelan tanker stricken in the Caribbean? It’s carrying 1.3 million barrels of crude oil. If compromised, that’s about 80 million gallons of oil that could spill into the waters, causing an environmental catastrophe. With fossil fuels, even extraction and transport come with real risks to the environment. Such is not the case with solar energy.

A more convenient and affordable source

Solar power flows straight down to the surface of our planet. That means there’s no need for complicated equipment required to dig and refine ores from deep within the earth. No natural resources are destroyed just to get to the base of the energy source.

All the equipment you need will be available right at your home. Depending on the provider, you will have access to service and maintenance. The same goes for repairs, if necessary. There are few roadblocks that will get in the way of homeowners having solar panels up on their rooftops.

In addition, it has never been more pocket-friendly to invest in solar. This is thanks to advancements in solar energy technology along with government initiatives and private sector efforts. An installation will still cost a pretty penny up front, but it’s way cheaper these days. The value solar provides will make sure you will get your money’s worth. This kind of affordability and accessibility will help drive more installations and increase solar energy adoption in the future.

Solar power will be at the center of our sustainability efforts for years to come. It’s renewable, it’s clean, and it’s convenient for most people. It’s also getting more and more affordable as time passes. That said, now is a great time to get into solar and contribute to our earth’s renewable and sustainable future.

Here’s your next step to making your house a solar powered home

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