Renewable Energy Corporation brings solar power to Maryland households. As an experienced local solar panel installer, we’ve brought the gift of renewable energy to households and commercial properties since 2009. On top of that, we’re also a leader in installing environmentally responsible products.

Sustainability From the SunIn this post, you’ll learn a bit of our history and why we are the top solar installer in the state.

High-Quality Products

Renewable Energy Corporation dedicated to making our communities greener. We’re listed on the Maryland Green Registry and we’re also the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest residential solar energy company. When you work with us, expect only high-quality solar products made in America.

All our solar and green products meet the highest environmental and labor standards possible. Our efforts to make Maryland greener don’t just benefit the home and business owners we work with. They also help create jobs in the manufacturing sector, which helps the national economy while advancing energy independence.

Smart Energy Investments

Installing a solar panel is one of the smartest energy investments you’ll ever make. They pay for themselves in the form of lower electric bills. If you have a big enough property that generates a consistent amount of energy from the sun, you can even sell excess energy to your utility company in the form of discounts or credits. Not only do you become more energy-independent, you prepare yourself for future energy cost fluctuations.

Solar panels themselves add a lot of value to your home. Going green is the trend now, and nothing says trendy than a house rigged with a self-sustaining system. Apart from adding value to your home, a photovoltaic rig also makes your property more marketable to green-minded and eco-conscious buyers in case you want to sell it down the line.

At Renewable Energy Corporation, we help households and businesses reach their sustainability goals by reducing their energy costs and carbon footprint. Call us today at (410) 560-9032 to learn more about our renewable energy services. We serve Lutherville-Timonium, MD, as well as other parts of Maryland.