Solar Power World is one of the top online resources for solar power information. Each year, they publish a list of the Top 500 U.S. solar contractors, ranked according to their influence in the industry the year before. Ranking is based entirely on performance: specifically, the number of megawatts each company installed.

This year, we are proud to announce that we rank at No. 393 for the Top Solar Companies overall in the United States. Amongst Rooftop Solar Contractors, we rank No. 116, having installed .364 total megawatts in 2014. That brings our cumulative total to 1.85 total megawatts and counting

As you can imagine, we’re pleased to be included amongst the country’s top installers. Thank you to Solar Power World for the honor!

Pulse of the City Star Award Winner

As if being a Top Solar Contractor wasn’t enough, we recently also found out that we have been selected to receive the coveted Star Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction from Pulse of the City. This award recognizes companies in the building and construction industry that demonstrate a combination of quality product and exemplary customer service.

The Star Award is no vanity rating. Star Award recipients are those companies that have won the highest ratings based on Pulse of the City’s independent research. Its review process takes into account information from multiple online and offline sources and follows a proprietary protocol for analysis, using a database it has been building since 2009. The process is designed to separate objective reality from the smoke and noise that affect some rating systems, including online review sites, and recognize those companies that provide consistently good service.

We would like to thank Pulse of the City for following our progress and for its recognition of our efforts to provide excellent service to our customers.

What’s next for Renewable Energy Corporation?

Our past accomplishments only serve to raise the bar for us. While it’s always nice to be recognized, the most meaningful reward we can receive is seeing our customers enjoy and benefit from their solar power systems. We know that we can only achieve that by continuing to provide top-quality solar energy products and services.

For the rest of 2015 and beyond, we pledge to continue to strive to make going solar an even easier and more enjoyable experience for all our customers!