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A Remotely Designed Custom Solar Estimate for Your Property

You will be amazed at how quickly we can remotely produce an estimate of a working solar system, custom designed for your property.

Within minutes we can

  • Model your site, tracing roof outlines using a satellite image to create accurate 3D models for design and shading analysis
  • Accurately trace the sun’s movement over your premises at any time of the year
  • Map a shade analysis for shadows cast by any nearby trees and obstructions
  • Estimate how much electricity you use at various times of the day and year with our consumption profile tool, based on your electricity bill and location
  • This allows us to remotely design your ideal system

Design Accuracy Means You Get the Most Efficient Solar System Available

Remotely designing a custom system for your property in a 3D environment allows us to seamlessly convert 3D measurements into 2D plans. This ensures that our designs will accurately match your physical installation providing the most efficient and economical system for your property, what we see is what you get!

Quality Designs and Proposals for Projects of Any Size

Remotely designed installations can be quickly produced for even the most complicated commercial projects. It’s equivalent to having a team of our engineers on site, making it simple to plan designs and proposals for your property. We can analyze your properties and design solar arrays in a matter of minutes, remotely from our office.

Let Renewable Energy Corporation quickly and accurately show you a real production estimate that we can confidently stand behind.


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