For many people, winter is a welcome change of pace. After the humidity and heat of summer, the cooler weather can be quite enjoyable. Food seems to taste better, as do hot drinks like coffee and chocolate. But the perks can also come with a bunch of drawbacks. One such drawback is the dreaded winter electric bill spike. Don’t worry, though, solar power can help you with that. Reduce your winter heating bill with an efficient and economical solar home installation.

winter solar panels

Reduce your winter utility spike

If you live in a region where the electricity rate fluctuates with the seasons, winter wreaks all sorts of havoc. People tend to be home more, with increased use of heating to keep the home comfortable. Baths and pools need to be warmed with every use, and all of our gadgets use energy. But you can reduce the winter spike with green solar energy.

Utility companies tend to increase utility rates at the most inconvenient time. Unless you can reduce your winter energy costs, you might as well throw your budget to the wind. Most households see significant spikes in their winter power bills. Because of increased consumption and higher per-unit charges there seems to be little one can do. However, If you’re looking to offset these increases, Solar is the answer.

All the power you need the whole year around

Solar allows you to fully power your household with even the highest-usage components and appliances. With renewable, green solar power all your home systems will run efficiently. Should you also require backup, battery systems linked to your solar are available. With a good solar installation, you’ll have lights and power during a blackout when the grid is down. While your neighbors are in the dark your lights and essential appliances will be up and running. Your solar provider will advise you as to the best way to go. They will show you how solar can provide power generation economically and efficiently for your home.

The range of solar systems keeps evolving and there are solutions for every home and situation. Discuss the ideal solution for your property with your local solar installation company. They are in the best position to advise which products on the market are most suitable for your application.

Reduce your power dependence on the commercial grid

If your property can accommodate it, going entirely off-grid is a great option as well. This allows you to reduce the power your home draws from traditional fossil fuel sources. This way, you are not subject to the commercial fluctuations in electricity charges come winter season. This is because with solar there are never any increases! Staying on the grid may be only in order to have back up in periods when the sun isn’t shining. In addition, surplus or excess solar energy your system produces can be sold back to the grid for later use.

Most completely off-grid home systems are can ensure efficiency and self-sufficiency. A suitable setup will power all of the home appliances and implements you can use. The range and efficiency of solar is amazing and meets virtually any requirements.

Price cuts during the winter

Depending on where you live, you might be able to enjoy additional solar sales during the winter. Because installations tend to see a drop off during winter months, you could score a good price deal on yours. This makes winter a good time to get the most value out of your investment in solar technology.

So contact us and reduce your winter fuel bill

So there you have it—a bunch of ways a solar power system gives you the advantage during winter. Contact Renewable Energy Corporation, for advice and information about our solar systems. Our assessments are completely free, no-commitment affairs so you don’t have to worry about paying anything up front.

Slash your winter utility bills considerably by investing in solar power today. You’ll surely be able to get those panels installed in time to enjoy the wintertime benefits solar has to offer. Reduce your winter heating bills today!



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