One of prospective owners’ concerns about solar power systems is what happens during seasons with sub-optimal sunlight conditions. Will they have non-stop performance? After all, sunlight is the sole main ingredient when it comes to this renewable energy source.

Don’t worry, though—solar power systems won’t stop working just because days are shorter, and the weather gets chillier. Even if your solar panels are obscured by some snow, the light scattering through the snow will still penetrate. This ensure non-stop performance in the middle of winter.
solar panels with snow

Of course, the amount of light only penetrates to a certain extent. So, the best approach is still to ensure that the panels are cleared to do their thing as efficiently as possible. That’s where you come in.

Maintenance during winter season for non-stop performance

While the system continues to provide power through winter, you might need to ensure it’s still working at its best. It’s going to take some pretty extreme scenarios to truly hinder the system’s performance. Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take some precautions for good measure. Here are some of the things you need to do for wintertime maintenance:

Clear the snow
– Snow typically won’t be much of a problem as the surfaces of the panels allow them to melt or easily slide off. If your panels are mounted at a steep enough angle already, that will facilitate the snow melting or falling away.
– You can hose off or sweep away light snow that won’t melt off. Just make sure not to damage the panel surfaces.
– Depending on external factors, though, such as positioning and surroundings, snow might still accumulate. Blizzards, for example, will likely cause some problems. Uneven and excessive accumulation of snow can also cause stress to the mounting points of your panels. If you’re concerned about exceptionally heavy snowfall on your panels, call the provider to see if they offer cleanup services. They will ensure you get non-stop performance from your panels.

Insulate battery compartments
– If your system has a battery mounted outdoors, you need to protect it against the elements as well. In winter, this means adding some insulation to the structure housing the battery. This will minimize chances of the battery failing due to the temperatures. It will also help prolong the longevity of the battery.

The latest technology provides non-stop performance from your installation

As for how the equipment lasts exposed to the cold, there’s no need to be anxious. Mounts are durable enough to withstand almost any weather conditions year after year. Plus, panels themselves have improved in quality and durability over the years. You can rest assured knowing the system will withstand winter after winter. In case of failure, you can always cash in on your provider’s long-term warranty.

Let us show you why Solar is the way to go

Wondering about winter is fair. However, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the benefits of solar power. Contact Renewable Energy Corporation today. We will reassure you about the excellent service provided by our panels, even in the depths of winter.

Solar power systems are designed to give you power all year long, and winter won’t be an exception. This also assures you that your investment in this type of renewable energy is worth it in the long run. Don’t delay! Let us give you a no-obligation free assessment of a system suitable for your home. We’re confident you’ll see the amazing benefits of installing a solar power system at the earliest opportunity!


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