Living cleaner and more sustainably is a noble goal. There is, after all, a climate crisis affecting many places all over the world. That’s where mitigating the crisis using renewable energy comes in, especially by using clean solar power.

Solar power plays a huge role in mitigating climate change. From small household solar PV systems to large-scale plants that power entire cities, this renewable source of energy helps tremendously. It helps wean us off our long-standing reliance on fossil fuels, which produce harmful emissions when used.

solar panels on roof

Mitigating climate change with home solar power

Why is there a need for mitigating climate change?

Climate change is a big issue that looms over us at the moment. Many issues that we face will only get worse unless we can keep numerous climate factors in check. What are these issues? Check this list below:

  1. rise of temperatures globally causes melting of polar ice caps and ice sheets, leading to rising sea levels
  2. global soil degradation affecting food security and quality of water
  3. more frequent occurrence of freak weather conditions that affect life and livelihood
  4. socioeconomic issues arising from scarcity of or competition for resources

Those are just some of the main issues associated with ongoing climate change. Needless to say, it needs mitigating with the utmost urgency. One way this is being done is through the development and use of renewable sources of energy. Solar is one of the main drivers of the renewable energy era.

Why is solar power leading the charge?

Solar energy is clean. The source is also available freely and will be there for us to harvest for billions of years more. This makes it a very valuable resource, especially considering dwindling reserves of more traditional energy sources such as crude oil.

Apart from the limited supply, these fossil fuels release harmful byproducts into the atmosphere when burned. Those byproducts further accelerate and exacerbate the effects of climate change. Also, we need to search vast areas on land and even off-shore just to find and reach the oil.

How solar makes the solution solvable

You don’t have such problems with solar power because of its availability. The only thing you need is a system that harnesses the freely obtainable power of the sun. It’s a small investment for something that goes a long way in terms of gearing up your home to be more sustainable. Besides, PV systems will give an ROI way before their rated years of service end. With continued improvements and innovations, along with government help, solar is now more affordable than ever.

Mitigating the climate crisis is something that defines our time. Yet, on the brighter side, it is also something we can triumph over. Solar power is one of the main ways through which we can achieve that goal—now and in the future.

The great thing about all this is we all have a role to play. We can contribute to this effort to fight against all our climate problems. All it takes is the simple act of getting a solar power system installed on your rooftop. It allows you to do your part to help make the future brighter for everyone. In the process, you also get to save on your utility costs while enjoying a long-term alternative energy solution.

Find out how you can play a part in mitigating the crisis

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