The home 2020 solar installation outlook

Early on in 2020, the solar industry is seeing consistent investments from a variety of sectors. More developments and innovations are in the pipeline as well. Those are sure signs that solar power will continue to be a driving force in the renewable energy market, as it has in recent years.

2020 Solar projects on multiple levels

We’re seeing an uptick in the number of solar power projects from various levels and sectors. You’ve got communities large and small implementing solar power initiatives to help solve different issues, from water treatment to energy supply. Commercial household-level solar power systems are still hot commodities these days.

Of course, there won’t be a shortage of the larger-scale projects that governments and private partnerships undertake. A few US states are committing to 100% renewable power or clean energy, with more being expected to follow suit. Solar is of course a big part of those lofty aspirations.

Having solar power system solutions implemented on those many different levels present industry players and service providers with certain challenges. However, with the technology continuing to be developed and the assets and know-how constantly improving, those challenges can be met capably.

2020 SolarIndustry expectations

As we’ve said previously, solar figures to be the leader in renewable energy market once again. 2020 Solar and wind power are both expected to provide a sizable chunk (around 97%) of net new generation capacity for this year  Because of its flexibility, solar energy is the more accessible and versatile of the two. With new applications and the sheer amount of advancement, the technology has keeps getting better each year.

2020 Solar continues a positive trend in terms of adoption and number of installations Due thanks in large part to the technology now being more affordable throughout the range of products available. Household solar can still involve a considerable initial cost, but there is a great upside. The amount of utility savings owners can enjoy provides a renewable source of energy at a fraction of the cost.

Price and efficiency keep improving

Battery price savings and efficiency also boasts of upward trends. These can only leads to even bigger and better things for the solar power industry. Better power storage solutions is the perfect complement for more efficient systems. This also contributes to even lower costs for the end consumers at scale, and that’s a win-win for everybody.

There remain certain external factors that can still impact the industry within the year. These include new legislation, including refreshed tariffs as well as trade policies. Still, it’s clear that solar now holds dominion over the renewable energy arena.

Solar power continues to be at the forefront of the global effort to transition into renewable energy. That’s also not likely to change in the near future. The expectations and projections point towards more growth for the industry in 2020.

There are plenty of options and solutions out there for all sorts of solar challenges. Now is the time to take the plunge in case you’re still sitting on the fence. Find the solar power system that’s perfect for your needs today. Contact Renewable Energy Corporation and inquire about an installation now!