Months into this global state of pandemic, the coronavirus known as Covid-19 continues to keep a large number of people self-isolating. All over the world many remain within their homes for most of the time. Cities and communities enforce careful social distancing protocols in an effort to contain the spread of the virus. This is impacting many industries negatively—not the least of which is the solar energy industry.

Of course, installers and service providers have to find a solution. Particularly those who focus primarily on household and other small-scale applications.  Solar installations are continuing despite all the restrictions this infectious disease has brought upon all of us. Many solar companies have accordingly made creative adjustments to their strategies. These allow them to fulfill targets, satisfying and keeping new and existing customers.

Increased efforts in digital marketing

What do you do when you have to shutter brick-and-mortar stores? What do you do when you can’t safely let your salespeople go door-to-door?

Go digital, of course!

While opportunities for making a sale are more difficult because of the health-related restrictions, digital solutions are still generating a lot of business.

The importance of optimizing user-friendly e-commerce websites is therefore essential during this pandemic period. Salespeople are now able to interact and transact remotely with prospective customers. Using voice and video calls over the internet it’s has become possible to offset this problem. As a result making physical house visits is largely no longer necessary.

Drone-driven pandemic free inspections

Aren’t drones great? These days  service personnel can to do routine checks on solar installations remotely from the sky! Satellite imagery and drone surveillance are truly amazing tools in the solar installation arsenal. They actually eliminate the need for people to come into close contact with one another.

What’s more, drones are able to get this done much more efficiently than before.  This process is in fact many times faster than manual inspections. Solar service providers have been making use of  drones for some time now. Even before the present lock-down situation arose they were flying missions for Solar installation companies.  They are simply so efficient and can help save time and manpower costs.

Creative financing options

People have lost a lot of earning power due to the pandemic. Globally, shutdowns, and restrictions are widespread. As a result, many house-owners are reluctant to spend in the current environment. Some may consider the move to solar as  a bit of a luxury. It’s therefore become important for solar energy distributors and service providers to find a solution to this mindset.  One of the ways is by rethinking the finance options they can  make available for new installations. This can spur prospective buyers to push through with an installation, saving enormously on future utility bills. Right now, though, it still remains difficult for people who have no stable income to commit to renewables like solar.

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. While that may sound a cliché, it rings very true during this period of great uncertainty. Rest assured that solar power companies are doing what they can to keep the momentum going. Solar is definitely the way of the future.

We’ll answer all your questions during the pandemic

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