I was told that solar power only works properly in the very sunny states

Many Americans make the mistake of thinking that solar power is only viable in states where the sun shines consistently day after day the whole year around. After all, they will tell you, California is where solar PV Solar Panel installations are the most popular! What about Maryland?

Is this true or false?

For proof that this is argument is false, take a look at the weather in countries like the United Kingdom and Germany. On average Birmingham in England has only 62 sunny days in the year, while Cologne in Germany has 65. Yet despite their very limited sunshine, the UK and Germany are among the world’s leaders in Solar power generation.

Foggy London but Solar still works well in the UK!

In fact, the UK and Germany with only slightly more sunshine than Alaska, are between them successfully providing about 25% of the world’s Solar capacity!

Compare this to Baltimore, which on average has 213 sunny days per year, higher even than the US average of 205 sunny days.

Why move to Solar energy?

For hundreds of years, the traditional fossil fuels, mined from the earth, have provided the power that runs our homes and our industries, but this is changing:

  • The traditional fossil fuels are not renewable
  • The result is that supplies are starting to run down to the point where sourcing them has become more difficult and more expensive
  • With the remaining fossil fuel deposits controlled by only a small number of countries, there is little likelihood that prices will ever come down
  • This scarcity in supply is directly forcing the utility companies in the US and other countries to keep increasing their prices
  • Aside from the economic issues, there are major environmental implications
  • Burning fossil fuels to create energy keeps increasing the “carbon footprint” in the atmosphere giving rise to the so-called “greenhouse effect”
  • This greenhouse effect is threatening to impact on global climatic conditions with unknown consequences

What is meant by Renewable energy sources?

These are the natural, clean energy sources such as solar, wind and water power. They are free, keep renewing constantly  and have no negative effect on the environment, unlike the limited and non-replaceable fossil fuels. Switching from fossil fuels to these renewable, clean energy sources is clearly the way forward.

Is there a global move to renewable energy sources?

The U.S Energy Information Administration has made it clear that the demand for energy consumption will keep increasing world-wide. The need to move to alternative energy sources has therefore become an absolute priority, with the emphasis being placed on increasing the use of Renewable Energy resources

What about the cost of switching?

With the technological advances made in recent years, production, distribution and utilization of these power sources has become economically viable. While the efficient distribution of wind and water energy is still needs large scale systems, solar energy is now readily available to the individual household at lower costs than ever before.

Until recently little more than 20% of the world’s energy came from renewable sources, but this number is rapidly changing. The free and unlimited energy streaming down from the sun is now available to all, and the cost keeps decreasing!

Why is Maryland a good bet for solar power?

The facts show that the northeast US is an extremely attractive region for solar power installation.

  • The plentiful available rooftop areas make home solar panels easy to install.
  • Utility rates paid to commercial providers are high, so each kilowatt-hour saved with solar is money in your pocket
  • Attractive incentives are available in Maryland in the form of Solar Tax credits under the Maryland solar energy grant program
  • With a well-designed system your annual electricity bills can be reduced to virtually zero

With modern technology constantly making increased demands on energy usage, our homes are more power-hungry than ever before. This is an inescapable part of our everyday living and is set to continue. Without solar, one depends entirely on power from the commercial grid. As we all know, this means higher utility bills each year.

The switch to solar is easy

A good solar installation company will visit your home and provide you with a free solar estimate. They will explain the ideal system for your home’s energy requirements and how it can be financed.

Households in Maryland stands to profit hugely from a PV Solar panel installation. Once the system is in place, you are largely independent of the commercial grid with its constant price increases. A good installation can reduce your annual electricity utility bill to virtually zero.

But where does the power come from at night or on cloudy days?

During daylight hours, when the sun is shining, your solar panels will be generating more power than your home needs. This constant production of excess power though doesn’t go to waste. Using a technique known as Net Metering, this surplus power feeds back into the commercial grid, and “banks” there for you to use at times when the system is not producing power.

How about during power outages, where will the power come from?

Your installation can include a solar battery backup unit. This will provide adequate current in the event of an outage. While your neighbors are in darkness, your home and essential services are fine!

The bottom line

With independence from the commercial grid you are saving thousands of dollars on your utility costs. Coupled with the solar tax breaks that are still currently available to Maryland residents, installing solar now is a no-brainer.

Numerous studies show that homes with solar panel systems are selling at prices above similar homes in their area.

Call us or contact us online for a free estimate, and see for yourself the tremendous advantages solar power has in store for you!