Maintaining solar systems is the key to output

What happens after you outfit your home with a fancy new photovoltaic power supply system? Maintaining solar panels once the system is running is the key. Here’s what you need to do going forward.

These systems come at a considerable cost so it’s important to take care of them periodically. Maintaining solar panels is also crucial to ensure consistent performance from your system. Here are some of the checks you need to make, along with maintenance tips that can help ensure your solar power system serves your energy needs for years to come.

How strong are the solar panels?

Your solar panels are the components of the system that are most exposed to the elements. They are the ones that gather the sunlight, after all. That said, they’re also the ones most affected by external factors. From harsh weather conditions to things as simple as fallen leaves, accumulated dust and bird droppings.

Fortunately, maintaining solar panels is no problem as they are pretty low maintenance items. They have no moving parts, unlike electricity generators. Where there are moving parts there is always wear. Your car is adequate testimony to this. That’s why the owners of solar installations are in in luck. Quality solar panels are extremely strong, and can’t rust or breakdown, so repair or replacement Is virtually unknown.

How do you keep them clean?

Maintaining solar components and the panels themselves is a relatively easy task. All you’ll need is a good ol’ garden hose to spray away dust and dirt that might hamper your panels’ ability to harness sunlight for your system to convert.

Do take time to trim trees in the vicinity. Leaves that drop in the fall are sure to collect on your roof, blown by the wind. These may well start obscuring your panels with a consequent falloff in power output.

Naturally, shade isn’t a good thing for photovoltaic systems. This is another important reason to keep overgrown branches from encroaching on the solar air space.

Maintaing solar electrical equipment

This part is best left to the experts. Your solar system provider will have a team of trained technicians or service crew on-hand to properly assess problems. They can quickly repair problems with the electrical components of your solar power system when necessary.

This involves checking the arrays, inverters, transformers, connections, and the rest of the components. It is not only the panels that actually generate power from the sun’s rays. If there are any damaged or faulty components the system will not be at its best. The technicians will be the ones to assess this, and do the necessary installations or repairs. Subsequent testing of the entire system is important in order to ensure performance is up to par with the provider’s guarantees.

Maintaining solar installations pays big dividends

It may sound troublesome to check your system every few months, but due diligence comes with some very important benefits. Proper periodic checks allow for the following advantages:

  • minimized risk when it comes to accidents or system failure
  • immediate diagnosis of problematic components that require fixes or replacements
  • extension of component life (and thereby extension of system productivity and efficiency)
  • ensured smooth operation of the solar power system, which leads to constant supply of electrical power

Is harsh weather a problem for the panels?

In regions where large snowfalls are common, you may need to take additional solar maintenance steps. After a snowfall,make sure that the accumulation is able to melt and runoff when the sun shines again. Keep  your gutters clean so that the water drains quickly and efficiently.

Solar maintenance for hail is not as much of a problem. Provided, of course, that the stones are not exceptionally big. The panel glass though, is strengthened and able to withstand most conditions. Make sure to mention this when you are quoted for installation. A quality installation company will provide strong quality panels. Cutting corners by using cheap installations where panels are of low quality is false economy. Quality always comes at a bit more of a price, but it is very well worth it in the long run.

Keep it routine and the system will last for decades

Proper maintenance is the key to getting maximum performance out of your system. It prevents the occurrence of malfunctions, and extends the operational life of your solar power system. Make sure to do the routine checks that your installer recommends. That way you will be sure to get the most from your investment. Also, don’t forget to check your system’s warranty details. For the check-ups that you are unable to do yourself, you can always turn to your solar power system provider’s technicians for guidance. They have the maintenance personnel to advise and help.

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