The sun is a big ball of energy that allows life to thrive on our planet. It’s also an excellent source of power, and the best part is that it offers this power freely. You just need to have the proper equipment to harness this available energy. That’s where solar panels come into play. Learn all about installing solar power for your Maryland property.

What are solar panels?

You’ve probably seen those arrays of rectangular contraptions on rooftops or scattered over wide fields or similar empty spaces. They sort of look like mirrors or panes of glass. These are solar panels, the frontline component of photovoltaic systems, otherwise known as solar energy systems.

These solar panels are actually “arrays” of solar cells that are made mainly from silicon. This particular chemical element has conductive properties that make them excellent for solar energy applications. Each cell is really a two-layer sandwich, covered with glass, and suitably encased in a protective casing.

How installing solar panels works

When the energy particles of sunlight, called photons, hit the solar cell, they knock electrons loose from the atoms of the cell. These electrons then fly off the atoms. Every cell has two attached conductors, one attached to the positive side, and the other to the negative side. This arrangement forms an electric circuit, so when the freed electrons fly off, they flow through this circuit, generating an electric current.

The cells in each panel are then linked to further panels, providing a flow of electric current that increases in power as you increase in the number of panels in the array. The more panels you install, the more electric current that is generated.

What is the difference between DC and AC current?

The electricity produced by the PV solar panels flows only in one direction. This is called DC, or direct electric current. The commercial grid, though, supplies only AC, or alternating current. We must therefore convert the solar generated current from DC to AC before we can make use of it.

Installing solar energy inverters

In order to make use of the electric current, the system employs a device called an inverter, that “inverts” or converts the current produced by the PV solar panels from a DC to an AC flow.

In the earlier days of solar energy, inverters were large, bulky items. Today, the solar industry provides smaller, highly efficient inverters. These efficiently generate the AC current that we need to power our homes and appliances.

Read more about inverters.

Are solar panels durable?

The modern solar panels we use in our homes are extremely well constructed. They have a durable glass exterior casing which protects the silicon PV cells. The panels are weatherproof and easily cope with the worst weather conditions such as hailstorms. They are also are insulated to prevent heat loss, and have a strong protective base. Read about them here.

How to go about installing solar panels

More and more companies supplying and installing solar panel are popping up because of the growth in demand. That’s a good thing, as it not only fills a growing need in the market, but also helps drive down prices thanks to competition. This helps you get the best deals. It’s all a matter of finding a good solar installation company in your area.

To find a reliable solar energy company, simply go online and do a search for solar panel installers. Just make sure you include your location so you can narrow down the choices or find the nearest one. Alternatively, you can ask a neighbor who may have already installed solar panels for a recommendation. It’s also a good idea to read reviews by previous customers.

Get free online quotes before installing solar panels

All good installation companies will offer a free online quote. They will then arrange to come around to your premises at a suitable time to fully assess your needs. Designing a decent system comes with many options, and they will be happy to advise you as to the most suitable and economical system to supply your energy needs.

Their websites will also include contact numbers and email addresses for easy communication. Quick and easy no obligation, online forms make it easy to get all the information you need. You can then make an informed decision.

Free clean, renewable energy for your home

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