Improvements in solar make it the prime leader in renewable energy, while providing great benefits for your home. The solar energy industry has a lot of things going for it right now. That’s despite a bit of a lull during the worst of the pandemic. The industry is still forecast to grow considerably, to a whopping $224 billion by 2028. That’s because governments, companies, communities, and individuals are getting on the sustainability train.

Those are rosy predictions for an industry seen as a harbinger of environmental revival. That said, a number of improvements can make the product even more appealing. If these aspects improve sufficiently, then it’s certain the industry will thrive even more.

solar power production

Solar power production keeps improving while getting cheaper

Improvements in generation capacity

There’s no doubt that the move away from using fossil fuels is a massive step in the right direction. Still, the reality is that clean energy sources at their current levels can’t fully support a country’s energy requirements. The infrastructure just hasn’t reached there that point yet, and generation capacity has to be further expedited to meet demand.

Countries will still have to import capacity from foreign providers to meet demand or continue to ramp up more facilities. With the setbacks caused by the pandemic, some have taken to both approaches. It makes more financial sense without sacrificing important sustainability targets.

Beyond material limitations

Most panels feature silicon as the basis for the semiconductors used. Fortunately, this material is fairly common and readily obtainable. In addition, manufacturing improvements have been made over several decades already. However, as far as efficiency in converting solar energy is concerned, silicon has mostly peaked.

Companies are researching alternatives to find better efficiency while keeping production manageable. Alternatives will need to be both economically viable and readily accessible in order to facilitate smooth production. That’s apart from the inherent qualities they need in order to convert the sun’s rays into usable electricity. Relatively newer materials include perovskite, which has the potential to be even more efficient than silicon. There’s also potential for new improvements such as curved and flexible panels that can diversify installation options.

Improvements in solar battery backups

The PV panels generate power as long as the sun is shining. During periods of good sunlight, energy in excess of daily requirements will be generated. As panels get more efficient and systems become more optimized, production will be even better. This surplus generation shouldn’t go to waste. The answer is to keep it available for use during the night hours also, as well as for emergencies. The solution is to use solar battery backups; an area where many new options have become available.

A primary focus of development has been to make batteries more efficient with larger capacities. This facilitates solar power’s potential to be further unlocked by having ample energy storage options. These improvements make systems more versatile and open up a variety of other uses for owners.

Even higher demand

Perhaps the most important driver for growth is demand. Having enough demand justifies all the effort and money that goes into production, research, and other aspects. It also ensures that the infrastructure serves its purpose.

Further cost reductions and improvements

Being able to get solar panel installations to most households is a key factor for the future of solar power. To achieve this, costs need to keep coming down. The good news is that prices are dropping, making solar installations easier on many budgets. With the help of companies and government incentives, solar can be even more wallet-friendly,  facilitating more installations.

The examples above offer glimpses of how much the solar industry can and will improve going forward. The benefits already available today make switching to solar a great move.

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The US Utility Sector is experiencing massive power demands due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Disruptions could occur at any time.

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