Impressive Solar Global Power keeps growing

It has been another great year for new global solar power projects. Solar Power Europe reports that the Global Solar Market Outlook for the period 2019 – 2023 is extremely bright!

2018 was a major year for the entire global solar industry. To clarify: for the first time the impressive solar installation mark reached 100 GW per year.

The 2019 global outlook states: “global solar demand continued to grow last year. New and emerging solar markets, as well as Europe, have been embracing Solar’s attractive business proposition. A truly clean, highly versatile and very low-cost power generation source. This market diversification means interest in solar is quickly rising around the globe. [This] will minimize risks to the sector if demand in any of the bigger solar markets stumbles for some reason.”

New impressive solar developments

Being able to monitor the various developments in the solar energy industry so far this year has been a real treat. Thanks to all the efforts to improve the technology it is more accessible to people. We keep seeing constant improvements in adoption and install rates.

Of course, these improvements are for naught unless they see some real-world applications. Concrete manifestations of the technology and how it improves human life is always better than any theoretical advancement. That said, let’s check out some impressive solar energy projects that are set to be running in the near future.

Talayuela solar power project (Spain)

Spain is looking to add one of the biggest European solar farms by 2020. With construction soon set to start on the Talayuela solar power project in Spain’s relatively remote region of Extremadura. There are high expectations from the project.

The 300MW rated plant will be able to power around 150,000 households once it’s ready to transmit power next year. The plant will feature arrays of photovoltaic cells made from polycrystalline, which are excellent for high efficiency.

This project is part of Spain’s efforts to reach 42% of total energy output from renewable sources.

Nauru solar power grid

This small Micronesian island is aiming to increase its renewable energy output. This also considerably cuts down on its dependency on importing diesel. This will come in the form of a new solar power plant that’s part of the grid, with  a battery energy storage system.

This 6-megawatt solar plant and the 2.5-MW-hour, 5 MW battery system will account for 47 percent of energy in the country. It will join the diesel power grid, providing a more efficient combo system, further reducing costs for the nation-state.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park (Dubai)

The park spans an area of around 77 square kilometers. Dubai’s very own Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park is currently in the third of a five phase process of completion.

It is due for full completion by 2030. The people behind this massive solar project are confident it will be the biggest plant in the world at that time. Capacity will be a massive  5,000MW.

The plant will run on a combination of systems, mainly of the photovoltaic variety. It will also feature parabolic trough and solar tower applications in order to reach its project output.

There is more to the solar infrastructure. Another prominent feature in the complex, the solar park is  a solar-powered desalination plant for water supply. There are testing facilities, an Innovation Center, and a center for Research and Development.

The great potential of solar power

From mega-projects to relatively smaller-scale undertakings, all of the examples listed above perfectly illustrate great potential. As a result they show the far-reaching benefits of large impressive solar solutions.

With these, it’s clear that countries all over the world are moving to renewable energy sources. Most importantly, impressive solar power is one of the main avenues through which these lofty green goals are possible .

The impressive solar residential sector

If solar energy is going to keep growing at a sustainable rate, but the residential segment is the key.

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