The world needs to live more sustainably, and one way to achieve this is through the use of solar energy. While the sun blazes constantly millions of miles away, conditions down on the earth, though, vary widely. Designers and engineers have therefore worked at developing systems that work under all weather conditions.

So, how do particular climates and weather conditions affect solar panels and power generation? Firstly, knowing the answer to these questions will help people maximize the use of their solar power systems. Secondly, it will enable them to assess the viability of entering the renewable energy market.

solar in bad weather

Solar panels working well in bad weather conditions

Weather conditions such as rain

The presence of rain could make things more difficult. Where there’s rain, there’s a high likelihood of a heavily overcast sky. In addition that means the sun will have a hard time shining through to your home’s solar panels. While there might still be some ambient light or some sunlight filtering or diffusing through clouds, that not really ideal.

Rain is not without its uses, though. It can wash away dirt and grime that builds up on panels over time. At least you won’t have to always climb up to the roof to wipe your panels clean.

Extreme hot and cold weather conditions

Design and manufacturing of panels has reached a point where the product is of a very high-quality. They’re sturdy enough to withstand constant exposure to hot or cold environments. Of course, there may be a drop-off when certain extremely high temperatures are reached.

As for extreme cold, there’s nothing to be worried about from an efficiency standpoint. If you live in a place where there’s lots of snow during winter, there’s no need to be concerned about your panels. They’re built to withstand chunks of snow and ice as they build up on top of the panels. You likely have to contend with the lack of direct sunlight exposure, though. That’s something that will surely come up when you speak to any installation company.


While solar panel systems today are built to last, there are some things solid construction and materials can’t withstand. Lightning strikes can damage the panel setup, and can also cause problems with wiring and other components like the inverter. There are, however, safety measures to help prevent system failures in such scenarios. Rest assured the system won’t be a hazard for your home during thunderstorms and bouts of lightning.

Wind, hurricanes, tornadoes

Panels are also rated to withstand weather conditions such as strong gusts of wind. Of course, tornadoes and hurricanes are another matter. Places that are constantly in the path of such potential disasters might require higher wind speed ratings for panels. In hurricane hotspots, for example, installations need to be rated to withstand winds of up to 185 mph. Even then, it might be a good idea to consider having additional reinforcement to keep things in place.

Don’t let freak weather conditions and climate-related concerns scare you. Discuss these details with us at Renewable Energy Corporation in order to see how our systems are equipped to handle different issues. Also, keep in mind that your solar panel system comes with a solid manufacturer’s warranty. We’ll tell you exactly what’s covered so you get more peace of mind with your purchase.

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The US Utility Sector is experiencing massive power demands due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Disruptions could occur at any time.

With a properly installed Solar power supply:

  • Your electricity feed will remain secure
  • If the power goes down, you won’t be left in the dark
  • All essential appliances will continue to work
  • Wi-fi and internet connections will remain operational
  • You will be unaffected by the inevitable increases in utility costs
  • Remain safe and secure while continuing to work from home

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