Many countries are already under lockdowns of varying degrees because of the coronavirus pandemic. For those lucky enough to have the privilege, working from home has never been more important in these difficult times. The question is how to stay productive while doing it.

Working this way allows people to spend productive hours, while at the same time taking their minds off the chaos and anxiety. In addition if affords people the opportunity of continuing to earn a living despite being quarantined.

Meeting the unique challenges of working from home



That said, working from home comes with its own set of challenges. Here are some tips and tricks that will let you maintain a high level of productivity despite all the distractions and difficulties you’ll surely face at home.

How to stay productive: stick to a schedule

It’s vitally important to stick to your schedule. In order to be produce tangible results you need to have a disciplined approach to your day. Having a proper routine means sticking to the working hours you’ve set for yourself. Being on a designated time frame on a day-to-day basis also gives you a reference point for your daily progress. You can set yourself practical goals. For example, to accomplish 60% of a specific task by lunchtime, or other similar conditions.

If you already have a routine that you follow at the office, you can try sticking to that as much as possible even if you’re at home.

Stay away from Social Media networks and groups.

No one’s watching, so it’s easier for us to keep checking our social media accounts instead of focusing on the work ahead.

There’s nothing wrong with being a bit active on social media, especially when confronted with something as big as this pandemic. After all, it helps us stay connected to our family and friends, and a lot of vital information is disseminated through social channels.

However, spending too much time on social media can trigger anxiety and might even cause you more stress. What’s more, some online discussions can get so toxic, you can’t help but get elevated levels of blood pressure.

Optimize your work setup

Understandably, this part might not be something you can easily do. However, it’s important to ensure that you have a work setup that allows you to do your work efficiently. This involves your desk or table, what equipment you need to do your job, the chair you sit on, the space in your home, and other aspects that can make or break how conducive your working environment is while under quarantine.

Having a secure wi-fi internet connection

For many who suddenly find themselves to be remote workers, the internet connection at home is also a major factor.

If you are working from home the possibility of disruptions in the electricity supply is always a worry. For those who have solar panels installed on their roof this problem is greatly mitigated. There is in fact no better time than now to consider installing solar power for your home office.

Unless you already have a home office tailored to your requirements, you’re probably making do with a less than optimal home setup right now. While not ideal, make sure your work area is as comfortable as possible. Tune out distractions with a set of headphones or noise-cancelling earphones. Stand up once in a while and walk around your home so you’re not sitting in front of the computer screen all day.

Trying to work at home in the midst of a global pandemic is tough enough as it is, but there’s not much choice but to soldier on and do our best with what we have. Besides, being distracted from the uncertainty and chaos of the real world for several hours a day is better for many of us.

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