Go green with solar energy! Does everyone accept this? The viability of solar energy is still a major point of discussion and debate. Does it help you save money in the long-term? How energy-efficient is it? Is solar energy environment-friendly?

Cost of installation has probably been the main factor inhibiting wider implementation. However, the solar power industry has made great strides over the past decade. People now have access to affordable solar solutions, and the technology is getting better and better. The result is that more and more homes are now using solar energy.

Go green by installing a solar system

When people say they want to “go green”, one of the first options that come up is installing a solar energy system. This is true for both household and business applications. If the weather in your area has a fair amount of sun, then this option is definitely a viable one.

Solar energy systems rely only on freely available sunlight. Being able to tap into such a resource requires the installation of specialized photovoltaic (PV) panels. These panels are widely available in a variety of configurations and installing them is quick and simple.

The benefit of solar

The great thing about these systems, is that they don’t generate the harmful emissions generated by traditional fossil fuels. Burning these fuels to power our homes releases greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. These rise up into the atmosphere eventually forming a “greenhouse” layer. The result is that sufficient heat cannot radiate out into space. Because of this, the temperature of the planet is slowly warming. This is affecting the environment and the oceans in particular. Weather patterns are changing, with more powerful storms forming out at sea. The result is an increase in hurricane activity which sweep inland with disastrous effects.

Go green – the alternative to fossil fuels

Because electric energy is so vital, it has become vital to find alternative energy sources. With clean, renewable, and free solar sourced power, the carbon emission problem is avoided. By installing solar you are helping keep the planet green. Little by little the process can be reversed. Clean air can be available again if we reduce the rate at which we consume fossil fuels.

Go green and control costs

Another great advantage for those looking into installing photovoltaic solar systems is the cost saving. Once the panels are installed, the energy generated is free. Imagine being able to reduce your energy bills to virtually zero! Sure, you have the initial money outlay in order to put the system in place, but the short-term expense should be well worth the long-term gains.

What about night when there is no solar energy available?

Most areas have many days when there is plenty of sunshine. Now. a properly designed solar installation will generate much more current than you need each day. Using a system called Net Metering, this excess current is fed back into the grid, and banked to your credit. At night, or on cloudy days, you can then draw this current back from the grid without it costing you.

Keeping your utility costs constant

Since the sun’s energy is freely available, you’re not subject to energy price hikes or electricity rate inflation. They may seem small at first but having 2 percent or so increases on your electricity bill per year will amount to a lot of money over time.

For instance, some estimates show that solar energy systems can save upwards of $14,000 to $20,000 over a 20-year period. That’s for a typical 6-kilowatt system, with costs and savings varying depending on the state electricity rate averages, and assuming that around 98% of electricity needs are being met.

Solar systems are efficient and economical to maintain

The most common retailer warranty is 25 years, so you know you’re getting a solid return on your investment no matter what. Even beyond this period, many systems still work at upward of 80 percent of their initial power output. So it’s definitely an excellent guarantee. Further research and development of solar panel technology will also ensure that you get even better efficiency.

If you’re ready to go green and cut back on your electricity bill, make sure you consider installing solar energy systems for your home or building.

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