Free Solar energy has long been hailed as the answer to many of the energy problems that plague our global society in modern times. Despite the vast potential that is available, mankind has never really managed to make full use of the abundant solar power that’s just waiting and ready for the taking.

Until now, that is!

More recently, developments in both commercial and industrial solar power have made insiders and speculators believe that free solar could finally be on the brink of pushing out fossil fuels. That’s right! Solar can finally be viable for mass use, with costs to the end user on the same level, if not better than, grid-supplied power.

Free solar is becoming more accessible

Reducing costs sufficiently to position free solar energy as an economic alternative has been the problem until now. The cost of installation has prevented large scale adaptation to households, buildings and industry as a whole. The tipping point, however, seems to have been reached and solar is coming into its own. The cost relative to conventional power grid supply has always been the biggest obstacle. But big changes have come about in the production and distribution of solar power. The way now appears open to the emergence of free solar as the top energy resource

The massive benefits of free solar energy to the environment

In addition, having mass adoption of solar technology goes a long way towards mitigating the trend of global warming. That is not to say that the production of solar power does not come without some share as far as carbon footprint is concerned. However, solar still offers a much greener solution compared to traditional fossil fuels and energy sources.

Better storage solutions

Apart from the power systems and the infrastructure needed to support increased adoption, the development of storage is also an important part of Solar’s viability moving forward.

Solar energy batteries used to be expensive. With companies being able to develop sophisticated battery technology, they are now more affordable and built better. The batteries are especially useful for systems in locations that don’t always have the optimal amount of sunlight. They also provide a solution for off-grid applications, where surplus amounts of power from the sun’s rays can be stored for later use..

Policy-driven growth and development

Many countries continue to incorporate solar power initiatives into their policymaking. These are part of their efforts to help the environment. This, however, is unfortunately not universal. The adoption by governments of free solar is often thwarted by the powerful fossil fuel lobbies. There is enormous investment in coal, oil and natural gas. The result is that these industries strongly oppose the adoption of renewable energy sources. Understandably the two opposing factions cannot easily find common ground, and this is not likely to change quickly.

As a result, some of the original pioneer countries opting for solar policy, are now veering away. Subsidies and promotional rebates are lower. Tax rebates are substantially lower in the United States and are phasing out in certain states.

Governmental regulations and policies are constantly changing. Hopefully they will ultimately move again in the direction of promoting strong incentives to the wider public to install systems harnessing free solar energy.

Improved technology means greater economies of scale

With the constant development of higher efficiency solar panels and hardware, the unit price of solar energy installations is coming down. These figures need to drop sufficiently below the cost of grid supplies. Once that happens the scales will tip even further in favour of free solar energy.

The benefits of the solar industry for the job market.

An enormous number of jobs and opportunities are currently provided by the solar industry. This is a tremendous boon for the economy, and this trend seems set to continue to expand.

Reduced installation costs mean increased demand

With the cost of solar installations dropping year by year the demand keeps increasing. The ease with which the free solar energy streaming down from the sun can be harnessed is well understood by the public and the media at large. It is well enough established in the public eye to keep driving the demand.

A push towards introducing more initiatives must come. And with them you can count on wider adoption of solar technology in the years to come.

The trend towards free solar sourced energy is there. Could this be the year that we finally acknowledge solar as the energy source of choice? We don’t know that yet, but the writing is hopefully on the wall and the future will tell.

How can free solar power benefit you?

What can you do to benefit from green, free solar energy? Contact us and we will provide all the information you need to make an informed decision. Free solar means just that! Let Renewable Energy Corporation show you the enormous savings you can make by substantially reducing your electricity bills.