Driving on pure sunshine may sound like the stuff of science fiction, yet more and more Americans are charging electric vehicles with solar power and ditching the gas station.

Two trends are making this shift possible. First is the rise of home solar power. As utility prices continue to rise and solar panel prices continue to fall, more and more Americans are installing solar panels at home to reduce their electricity bills. Second is the surging popularity of electric vehicles. Improved affordability has a growing number of Marylanders buying electric vehicles.

The switch to solar power and electric vehicles make sense:

  • Installing solar panels reduces your electricity bill
  • Buying an EV reduces your gasoline bill

Many Maryland homeowners are taking their energy savings even further by turning home solar installations into EV-charging stations.

When you compare the cost-per-mile of driving on gas versus utility electricity and solar, solar energy wins overwhelmingly. It’s one reason more than 39% of California’s EV owners also have solar panels installed on their properties. Some electric vehicle owners pay the equivalent of 90 cents per gallon of gasoline by charging their electric vehicles with electricity generated by solar panels.

Some electric vehicle owners have reduced the payback period of their solar installations as much as 50%. In Maryland, this means fully recouping all installation expenses in 3.5 years instead of the average of 7 years.

Does Charging an Electric Vehicle with Home Solar Panels Fit Your Lifestyle?

Does it always make good financial sense to combine your EV with solar panels? To make a firm determination, you must analyze different factors, including:

  • Daily driving habits
  • Monthly gasoline expenses
  • Your property’s solar potential
  • Monthly electricity bills
  • Available solar incentives

Not sure where to begin, Request a free solar quote today — we’ll help you determine how quickly you’ll recover your investment.