The benefits of solar in the winter

With the onset of the winter season temperatures drop. The chilly temperatures bring  periods of freezing air, and eventually the snow arrives.  As the days become shorter, the hours of sunlight drop, with fewer clear sunny periods.

The result, often, is that people who had been considering switching to solar energy hesitate to do so. In fact, this is probably the best time to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy, and make the switch!

What are the benefits of solar for your home?

Are you tired of paying more year in and year out for the energy that powers your home? The answer is to switch to the amazingly convenient and economical energy available from solar power. Switching away from dependency on the commercial power grid can bring amazing savings in your power bills.

So, if you are are looking to get away from the constant annual price increases, install a solar power system for your home, and save!

But what are the benefits of solar in the winter months?

Concerned that there won’t be enough sunlight to produce the energy you need to run your home appliances? Don’t worry, because solar equipment will still work during the winter.

If you look closely enough, there are amazing benefits to solar powered homes all year round. Let’s examine these benefits of solar power in greater detail below.

Cool operation or the solar system

Electronic equipment generally perform better under cold temperatures. That’s because heat increases the chances of failure in electronics. Component lifespan is also affected by extreme heat, so the cooler temperatures during winter helps efficiency while helping ensure that your system’s various parts will last longer.

Maybe you are worried that too much of the extreme cold can cause damage to your solar power equipment. Don’t  hesitate to discuss this with the finest solar installation companies. They will be able to advise and explain how your systems can be safeguarded against failure. By following the proper care instructions during periods of extreme cold your system will keep working properly and efficiently. Make sure to keep your system well maintained, and avail yourself of the regular servicing your installer can provide.

Improved power generation with the latest solar technology

Solar power technology constantly keeps improving and evolving.  It’s not really that surprising that it can continue generating power even during the most brutal stretches of winter. Did you know that today’s solar panels can get power from the sun even when that big blazing orb in the sky is obscured by clouds?

The efficiency of today’s solar power systems also help ensure that you’re generating power all year round. As long as you can count on sunlight for a few hours each day, coupled with a good power storage solution, you’re going to have the power you need, despite having access to less sunlight.

Winter brings better deals

As mentioned, people have misconceptions when it comes to solar power during winter. The popular, but incorrect notion, is that the benefits of solar are not available in cold weather. As a result sales of solar panels tends to drop. As a result of the winter slow down in the sales of solar equipment, it’s a great time to grab a bargain!  That’s why there’s a good chance you can score amazingly good deals at your preferred provider.

In addition, the personnel installing those panels up on your roof will surely appreciate the cold weather. As long as there’s no big pile-up of snow, the winter air is surely preferred over blistering summer days.

Government and State incentives and rebates

Not everyone realizes that some of the government incentives may be permanently withdrawn. This is another reason to jump in now before this happens. There are still many locations that offer ongoing incentives for people and businesses who decide to go for green energy. Make sure to ask your installation company what incentives are still available.

Does snow affect your solar panels?

Heavy snow falls will temporarily reduce the efficiency of your panels. But with the thaw they will be back in production again. In addition, your installation company will advise you how to go about cleaning the panels.

Remember that it is quite possible to install an efficient battery backup system that complements the energy production of your panels.

The surplus summer energy is stored up for you to use at other times!

With a properly installed system, your panels will be producing much more energy on sunny days than your daily needs require. This solar energy never goes to waste! It is automatically fed back into the commercial grid. There it remains “banked” for your later use, whenever you require it. So you will have a store of free energy to draw on when the days are short and the nights long!

Don’t let yourself be swayed away from solar just because winter is coming. You will most definitely still be able to enjoy the benefits of a solar power system even when the temperatures drop and the nights grow long. So get on the phone now and contact Renewable Energy Corporation today!