Should you add clean solar power to your home?

The media is filled with news about the negative effects that fossil fuels have on the environment. The reports show that using these fuels is causing damaging changes to the biosphere. But there is an even more urgent reason to find better alternatives. We only have a limited supply of fossil fuels left, and that supply is rapidly running out. The answer is to add clean solar sourced energy in its place.

Even if these fuels were able to regenerate, the rate at which this would take place is far too slow. The global demand for power and energy keeps increasing, and sourcing the remaining reserves is becoming difficult and expensive. At the rate the reserves are being depleted, it could soon become uneconomical to source them.

The answer lies in switching to the unlimited energy streaming down from our sun. It is completely renewable, eco-friendly and cheaper than traditional fossil fuel sources.

Fossil fuels and the carbon footprint

Burning coal, oil, gas and the other traditional fossil fuels gives rise to carbon emissions which create a greenhouse effect. Statistics show that fossil fuels are the source of 90% of all emissions from human activity. The result is a massive carbon footprint.

While certain countries are taking action to reduce it, fossil fuel pollution is still increasing globally. The greenhouse layer resulting from carbon emissions, blocks heat rising from the earth from escaping into outer space. The result is that this heat radiates back down, warming the oceans and the continents. The result is that the planet’s temperatures are gradually rising with the following results:

  1. Air pollution
    Burning fossil fuels releases pollutants into the atmosphere. These in turn impact negatively on human health and wellbeing. In many cities they cause chronic respiratory diseases particularly amongst young children and the elderly.
  2. Ocean pollution.
    In addition, carbon dioxide emissions dissolve in the sea causing acidification. These raised acid levels in turn affect the life cycles of fish and other marine organisms.
  3. Rising ocean temperatures
    The oceans absorb some of the heat radiating back down from the greenhouse layer. This causes sea temperatures to rise, bleaching and killing coral reefs. In addition the polar ice caps are melting negatively impacting the environment.
  4. Habitat destruction.
    Land has to be taken to provide space for drilling wells, pipelines, and processing facilities used in oil and gas drilling operations. The habitat disruption and noise from drilling is seen as a threat to wildlife populations across the globe.
  5. Transporting fossil fuels.
    Transporting fossil fuels is damaging to the environment. Diesel fumes from transportation add to carbon dioxide emissions, oil spills threaten marine life, and flammable natural gas leaks have led to hundreds of human casualties in recent years.

The green alternative to fossil fuels

Unlike fossil fuels, green energy sourced from solar power is sustainable, because it is generated by resources that won’t run out. It also provides a way to prevent global warming by reducing and even offsetting carbon emissions.

So there is a clear need to start investing in renewable sources of energy. If you are interesting in playing a role and would like to add clean solar energy, contact us at Renewable Energy Corporation. Let us show you the many amazing benefits that will be in store for you once you make the move!


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